Residents angry over plans for new High Point housing complex

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Some residents along West Hartley Drive are angry over new plans to build an 84-unit affordable housing complex nearby.

“There are 150 houses back here,” said homeowner Sandy Dill. “We should count for something.”

Dill said their voices should be heard before a decision is made.

She says the city’s plan to build a workforce housing complex, which will be income-based, will bring traffic.

“The traffic here at this intersection is ridiculous,” Dill said, referring to West Hartley Drive and Ingleside Drive. “We’ve already had numerous accidents.”

But the city says they’ve listened to residents’ concerns — concerns housing director Michael McNair says are mainly about the impact low-income housing could have on the residential neighborhood.

“Change is difficult,” said McNair, director of community development and housing. “I think a lot of the stereotypes come into play, and people are just fearful.”

Developers at Wynnefield properties say they’re trying to ease those fears through intense screening and background checks for tenants — a process that’s already worked at other income-based housing complexes like Admiral Pointe, a senior housing complex, on Admiral Drive.

“It’s not a devil pit or anything,” McNair said.

And with a high demand for affordable housing, McNair hopes the new complex can help meet some of that need.

“The people who can’t afford to be homeowners deserve a place to live too,” McNair said.

Construction on the new complex could begin as early as spring of 2015.


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