Residents angry over plans for new High Point housing complex

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Some residents along West Hartley Drive are angry over new plans to build an 84-unit affordable housing complex nearby.

"There are 150 houses back here,” said homeowner Sandy Dill. “We should count for something."

Dill said their voices should be heard before a decision is made.

She says the city's plan to build a workforce housing complex, which will be income-based, will bring traffic.

"The traffic here at this intersection is ridiculous,” Dill said, referring to West Hartley Drive and Ingleside Drive. “We've already had numerous accidents."

But the city says they've listened to residents' concerns -- concerns housing director Michael McNair says are mainly about the impact low-income housing could have on the residential neighborhood.

"Change is difficult,” said McNair, director of community development and housing. “I think a lot of the stereotypes come into play, and people are just fearful."

Developers at Wynnefield properties say they’re trying to ease those fears through intense screening and background checks for tenants -- a process that's already worked at other income-based housing complexes like Admiral Pointe, a senior housing complex, on Admiral Drive.

"It's not a devil pit or anything," McNair said.

And with a high demand for affordable housing, McNair hopes the new complex can help meet some of that need.

"The people who can't afford to be homeowners deserve a place to live too," McNair said.

Construction on the new complex could begin as early as spring of 2015.


  • Really?

    TIf it is such a great proposal for you then Mr. Michael Mcnair move them over to Oak Hollow with you then.

    • Thomas Christopher

      I made the mistake of buying a townhome in WS right next to Section 8 housing in 2008 and have been unable to sell the property since. Now I am stuck with unsellable property, constant booming car stereos at all hours of the day and night (drug dealers/customers perhaps), and thugs strutting around the neighborhood knowing full well that they can rob, steal, and kill with impunity in the cesspool that is Winston-Salem.

  • Cred

    The are people who live in those neighborhoods who are doing all they can to come out of it. Comments like these make it hard for those who are trying to have a better life. It is up to the owners to make sure they don’t allow all of this nonsense to take place. Just because you grow up in the ghetto does mean you fit the “stereotype”

    • rembrandt

      That’s a bunch of bull you have the same people decade after decade in the same situation they were in years before with no improvement or even worse off.
      However there’s always a justification on why they’re doing poorly.
      First it was Bush’s fault now it’s the governor’s fault.
      These people are in the projects because they want to be.

  • RaceBaiting101

    Another example of whats wrong with the city of High Point. This city already has the least separation of low and middle class neighborhoods I have ever seen. So why not ruin more property values by building a Democratic hosing project

  • sinnerfrank

    More of the same politico games brown clown tactic !! Crooked politics at all levels !! Wonder who benefits from the land sell and drop in other property value !! Why doesn’t he move to this area ?

  • FaithC

    I have to agree with most of the comments here. If this is such a good idea why is it not in his backyard? It is section 8 housing. Due to work I have lived all over the country and it is the same no matter where you are, Section 8 Housing = crime, drugs, gangs

  • Tommy Boy

    The comments here are quite derogatory. How is a property owner’s wish to develop his/her property a politico game? Not enough “separation of low and middle class housing”….this is called segregation. Would you rather an industrial use of the land next door? I’m sure everyone on the north end would rather this remain a vacant property, but that is not fair to the property owner. If you owned the land, you would expect to be able to sell it when the opportunity arose. Take a look at the developer’s track record and history. Are their properties looking like those described above? “Section 8” is an overused scare tactic phrase that probably is not even applicable to this development. Low income housing can be a scary idea, but do some research before blasting someone for trying sell their property or develop property.

    • Mr. Lumbee

      @ Tommy Boy. You must be very young or you have been living under a rock for a very long time. Do you actually think that Daniel Brooks Apartments were built with the idea of how it would be today? Every person in low income housing wants to live better. Didn’t you watch the sitcom “Good Times?” Lol. Seriously, the ones that used this type of housing as a stepping stone to a better way of living used it for what it was meant for. When a low income housing place is new, they will get tons of people applying. They can screen better applicants to fill the units. So HUD sends the checks every month. As time goes on, people come and go. Housing starts to show signs of wear. Screening becomes less strict, just to keep the checks coming in. Then you get the ingredients for a Daniel Brooks. Whether this project is apartments or individual homes, it’s still going to be bad for the people that own in the area. The developer and city officials only care about one thing, a pay check from HUD. I guarantee you they(officials and developer) wont live no where near by. The person that sold the land can’t resist $$$. They will probably get 3 times what it’s worth to sale to the goverment. It’s easier for homeowners to reject an industrial business than a residental buildings because of zoning laws. In 2020 ride by this same community and you will see what it will be for yourself.

  • shhcrush

    Look… it’s everywhere! It could be going on at your neighbors house right now! Problem is nobody ever gives a chance because they are already judging. I have lived in several low income complexes and it’s really what you make of it. It boils down to ownership and how they run property management. Just because it’s low income does not mean drugs and dealers!!

  • Mr. Lumbee

    News like this makes me sick. “Affordable Housing?” Fancy way of saying projects or ghetto. People who live in this area and own their homes, I feel very bad for. As soon as the ground is broken for this project, their houses will lose value. The only person they can sale their homes to is another affordable housing group. The only way to fight this thing is for the homeowners to sue their developer and the City of High Point. I’m sure there is a clause in laws to protect the developer and city, but someone has to contest it anyway.

    I agree with everyone else here. Let the same type of housing move to McNair’s neighborhood and see what he says then. I never though I would see a day where people who work hard, obey the laws, pay their taxes, and try to have something, get crapped on! People who commit crimes, refuse to work, and abuse public assistance, get rewarded. I would almost bet most of the people who will live in these “affordable homes,” get disability benefits also. They get around better than a normal 21 year old. These people are the smart ones. We who work are the dummies. Free phones, free health care, food stamps, $25 rent, check in your bank every month. It’s not a stereotype, it is reality. In Thomasville, we even give them free bus transportation. Brilliant! The word “Freedom.” Does it mean, if your not getting it for “Free” then your “Dumb?”

  • Norman F. Bates

    Since tax payers pay for theses projects and subsidize every ones rent, why are they never advised that such projects are in the works until after a site as been chosen?

  • Debra McKinney

    I would be worried myself if I knew Wynnefield Properties was building anything near me. I have lived at their properties myself and management doesn’t know how to do their job. They do not do the background checks like they are suppose to. The police is always at one of their properties in Greensboro. The trash overflows the dumpsters. I feel sorry for these people that own their own homes and Wynnefield Properties will make the value of those homes go way, way down. They are also building another low income property in north High Point across from Admiral Pointe off of Samet.

    • Marcy Wall

      Very true…plus they don’t do background checks on their visitors or their “baby daddies.”

  • Ryan Woods

    Wow some of you people are so ignorant. There are plenty of people that work hard and wish to have better living conditions but can’t afford to buy the home of their choice. That’s what this affordable housing is for. Just because it says its income based doesn’t mean it will be section 8 housing. This will be for people that work and desire to have a nice place to stay versus living in the hood but can’t afford a mortgage.

    • chucky1992

      What exactly do you think “income based” means? It means that a person’s rent is based on their income. The remaining rent is made up by either vouchers, HUD or tax credits.

      • chucky1992

        If you believe that a real estate company would build homes, condos or apartments then charge less rent because someone makes less money out of the goodness of their heart, then you are the one who is ignorant. The only reason they want to build income based properties is because they are guaranteed an income or reduced taxes no matter how much the tenant pays.

        Now I will agree with you to some extent. I know that not all people who live in these types of homes would choose to or prefer to live in them. There are some who want to make better lives for themselves or their children. I have met plenty of them in my line of work. There is no denying however, that a good percentage of the people who live in government funded housing have no motivation to move out. There is no shortage of those who will take advantage of others or commit criminal offenses since they have no interest in working but want nicer things like smart phones, big rims, expensive clothes and jewelry.

  • DMill

    Ok they are talking about Affordable Housing not the projects…. There is a difference. Income based means just that “based on income.” Not HUD or Section 8…. But I guess that All the Drug dealers live in he projects,,,huh, last time I checked–that was a LIE….

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