Nun on leave after sparking outrage with NC speech

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A nun who sparked outrage at a Charlotte high school with comments about homosexuality will take a leave of absence.

WSOC-TV reported that Sister Jane Dominc Laurel is now taking a sabbatical from her teaching position at a Nashville college.

Laurel told students at Charlotte Catholic last month that homosexuality comes from a lack of a father figure and a lack of masculinity.

Now, Laurel is taking time off from her job at Aquinas College. The college’s president said she went too far.

More than 3,000 catholic students have signed a petition to push back against a nun’s speech about homosexuality.

Parents of Charlotte Catholic students said they were shocked to hear what the nun spoke about at a school assembly march 21. They also said they were upset they weren’t told about the speech ahead of time.

Source: WSOC-TV


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