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Nun on leave after sparking outrage with NC speech

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A nun who sparked outrage at a Charlotte high school with comments about homosexuality will take a leave of absence.

WSOC-TV reported that Sister Jane Dominc Laurel is now taking a sabbatical from her teaching position at a Nashville college.

Laurel told students at Charlotte Catholic last month that homosexuality comes from a lack of a father figure and a lack of masculinity.

Now, Laurel is taking time off from her job at Aquinas College. The college’s president said she went too far.

More than 3,000 catholic students have signed a petition to push back against a nun’s speech about homosexuality.

Parents of Charlotte Catholic students said they were shocked to hear what the nun spoke about at a school assembly march 21. They also said they were upset they weren’t told about the speech ahead of time.

Source: WSOC-TV


  • FaithC

    “Laurel told students at Charlotte Catholic last month that homosexuality comes from a lack of a father figure and a lack of masculinity.”

    She needs to become a student and do some learning. Can’t believe she really said that.

  • Richard Nance

    Then what do you believe Causes Homosexuality, do you have a better answer, I don’t think that her becoming a student will actually give her the credentials to pinpoint what causes Homosexuality, I haven’t heard or read the reason for it, some people say you’re born that way, some people claim its the environment you were brought up in as a child, etc, etc, so tell us what the real reason is please!!

    • Well thats easy..

      Catholisism causes some seeerious homosexuality. Jeez, what a busted excuse of a religion. Oh, homo-sec-sicles.

    • Prof. Ronald L. Dula

      Sexual preference (heterosexuality, homosexuality,lesbianism, or bisexualism) is determined in the womb during pregnancy. Extensive research has demonstrated that the timing of the release of certain hormones by the mother’s body into the uterus is considered to be the determining factor in the sexual orientation of the child when he or she is born. They can’t be “fixed,” or “cured” as some deluded individuals and groups have claimed. In fact, there is nothing to fix or cure. If one is a religious person, they only way to view homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, and other transgendered individuals is that they are who they are because God made them that way.

  • JT

    I don’t get it–why would educated people (in this case, college students) listen to someone spouting Bronze Aged mythology anyway? Ignore her and go on.

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