Miley Cyrus cancels Charlotte concert 30 minutes before show

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Miley Cyrus canceled her Monday night show in Charlotte 30 minutes before the show was scheduled to start.

A release from Live Nation stated:

“Due to illness, Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz” tour date scheduled for tonight, April 7, at Time Warner Cable Arena Charlotte has been cancelled. Cyrus has been diagnosed with flu and doctors have ordered her to rest. She will not be able to perform as scheduled. Refunds for Charlotte tickets will be available at the point of ticket purchase. Tickets purchased online or by phone will be automatically refunded.”

Karoline Jumper and Lauren Olds, both 16 and from Winston-Salem, were in Charlotte with their mothers for the concert after begging for tickets and spending three months counting down to the show.

“We were walking to the concert when my friend texted,” Jumper told the Charlotte Observer.

Cyrus is scheduled to play at PNC Arena in Raleigh on Tuesday night. The concert will go on as planned.


  • its my business

    I don’t think they would cover your nails or your new outfit, Mom. (why would you buy a new outfit for MC, anyway?) But if you bought the insurance for the tixs, you might be in line for a refund for lodging and meals. Look into it!

  • PlayaHata

    Sounds to me like she was high on drugs and wasnt able to make it to the stage….good cover by saying she has the flu though…unfortunately, nobody believes it!

    • Jody J

      I volunteer at the local arena and was there for her concert. Most of the girls were dressed as if they were ready to work the streets. Some moms came to the stand and commented that they were shocked at how trashy and vulgar she was – what did they expect???

  • Rhonda Kester

    Why would a mother take her daughter to see MC anyway??? She is definitely not the example I want for my daughter !!!

  • no name

    She dont have the flu its called being prego aka morning sickness that can last all day not just in the morning im sorry but she has gotten out of control with the way she dresses and i would never take any of my kids to go see her looking like that

    • Randi Wyatt

      Theres nothing in any news article that says she’s pregnant! I’m sure the paparazzi would have done told the whole world by now, if indeed she is pregnant! i think her manager cancelled bc she was too high on crack to go on the stage… or too drunk! I’d never take any of my kids or others children to see this nasty performer!

      • no name

        look in the magz that are all over stores she is pregnant and scared and its all bc of her endless nights of parties and her many one night stands and if i remember right it was also on tmz

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