Heavy rains cause flooding, leaks at Davie County High School

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MOCKSVILLE, N.C. – Monday's heavy rain caused flooding and leaks at Davie County High School. For many students and parents, according to who you ask, it's another example of why the county either needs to renovate the high school or build a new one.

"It’s just comes with the territory," said Jessica White, a senior at Davie High. "If we wake up [and] it's pouring down rain, then we can't wear shoes and socks because our shoes will get wet."

On May 6th, voters will take up a $54.4 million school bond referendum to build a new high school, for the entire county, on 53 acres off Farmington Road between Mocksville and Advance.

The group, One Davie High, is trying to drum up voter support for the bonds that will help alleviate overcrowding at the school and add facilities Davie High School currently doesn't have, like an auditorium.

"The drama teacher and music teacher have to rent the Brock auditorium," said David Koontz, a Davie High teacher and parent. "Why should it be like that."

The student population is almost 1,800 students, which is 600 more than the school was built for in 1956.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected referendums in 2003 and 2007 that called for the school to be renovated and a new high school to be built near Advance.

If voters approve the bonds the current high school would be renovated into administration offices, with older facilities torn down for a community recreation complex.

A group of residents against the bonds called Education First worry a new school would put the county in deeper debt, while raising taxes 11.5 cents. Leaders of the group, who declined to be interviewed, said the school system's elementary and middle schools have $45 million in needs right now.


  • Carl

    Your shoes get wet? If you are not smart enough to walk around the puddles, then you have a lot more in life to worry about.

  • KHR

    They cannot walk around the puddles – the flooding covers the entire outside area. The kids have to walk to multiple buildings in one day and wade through ankle deep water around many of them if there have been heavy rains. I’ve been there and personally had to walk through it myself. There is no way to get around the water – it is not a reflection on the kids intelligence, only a reflection on those who refuse to provide a better learning environment for the kids. Build them a new school already!!!

  • Scot

    This is nothing new. Those areas were puddling back in the 90’s when I was a student there. It is a simple drainage issue that could easily be corrected.

  • HJ

    Scot is right – the puddles have always been there, back into the 80’s as well. Fix the drainage issue…it’s nothing new. There is no need to build a new structure at the northern end, the well-off end, of the county, thus further neglecting the southern end of the county. Grade the sidewalks, the same as you would a dirt road.

  • Thomas

    I was actually leaning towards needing a new high school. However, from watching that video of “flooding”, I have to say that I am now wondering how many other lies we have been told from the One Davie High group. At this point, put me down for a no to building a new school, and a yes to renovating. Glad I saw this video before election day.

  • SD

    Wake up Davie County! We finally have a solution that benefits all of the kids in Davie County! Stop being selfish and put our kids first…vote YES on May 6.

  • TB

    DB is right in educating yourself before voting. The real question is would the new school have more teachers on staff to minimize class size and promote a better educational opportunity? A new building will do nothing to promote education. With the same number of teachers, classroom sizes will remain the same as today. If more teachers will be hired, how much more would our taxes increase over the $11.5 cent? What is being portrayed by the “Yes” voters is like saying you will be more religious if you go to a new church versus an older church.

  • Mary

    SD, please explain how this benefits the children on the southern part of the county? Many of the parents are already living below the poverty line and taking more food out of their children’s mouth helps the children?

    • Joe from WS

      even better Mary, how about sending your kids to a better school so they will get a better education, then get into a good college, become productive citizens and eventually stop this cycle of asking for handouts! how’s that sound Mary???

  • Paul

    The yes voters have never made a case for how a new school would improve the children. Only that they will attend school in a new building. They simply hide behind generic comments of better education. I graduated from the oldest public institution in this country, and do not feel my education was slighted in the least. The age of the building does not reflect the education received. If they feel the children are not receiving proper education, they need to focus on the Board of Education hiring new educators. Not only are they hiding behind generic comments, they are bullying the small business owners of the county to not have a voice in the matter by posting on Facebook which companies are against the new high school and encouraging citizens to avoid these businesses. These companies have a right to opinion just as much as you do. For “parents” that are so concerned about their children’s education, you would think they would look at the example they as parents are setting for their children by promoting bullying. Attempting to put small business owners out of business does nothing to promote growth in the county. It actually has the counter-effect. Do not get me wrong as I am all for a better education, but I do have enough education to understand this “solution” will not help the education of our children.

    • DaBulldog


      Thanks for a perspective on this whole thing. There are a lot of misstatements being promoted. One BIG one is a 21st Century Education in the new high school. Those who know about a 21st Century Education know this cannot and will not happen. A 21st Century Education begins in Grade School, in the properly designed facilities, with a 21st Century Academic Program, with adequate technology (equipment, software, network, etc.), with trained teachers and administrators. Take a look at Mooresville, NC … read their Plans, Academic Program, etc. They are output oriented and DCHS as I read their Academic Program is input oriented.

      Again Thanks Paul. Everyone has to “educate” themselves before they can determine what is really going on and what they should do!

      Everyone HAND!

      • DavieRes

        Those who know about a 21st Century Education know that it includes a variety of outcomes and support systems, and that ICT literacy is a small part of the overall Framework for 21st Century Learning. A 21st Century Education is so much more than learning everything from a computer.

        The learning environment is a support system, and research shows the condition matters. I also completely disagree that students at the high school are a lost cause. Competency in core subjects, 21st century themes, learning and innovation skills, information, media, and technology skills, and life and career skills are all demonstrated by students every day at DCHS, and are an integral part of the classroom.

    • Jessica White

      I understand where you are coming from, saying that a better facility doesn’t equal a better education, however that is not the only reason we need a new high school. As a student myself, I witness the need for a new high school everyday. The trailers and “mobile units” reek of mold and mildew, the hallways are severely over crowded, not to mention the fact that the layout of the campus is not safe at all. We don’t only need a new facility to offer a better education, but to offer a safe and healthy environment to the students.

  • Joe from WS

    “What about us poor people in the South?” “Puddles ain’t hurt no one, been ther since the 90’s” Ha ha, Davie County are bunch of back country hicks! Where do you keep your goats on campus for date night? Why do think we wear camo and make fun of you at football and basketball games? lol

  • Brandon

    I am always skeptical of something marketed so heavily… Who in our county leadership would be profiting from all these building contracts and why they are trying so hard to sell this idea to people? Where are the benefits, besides additional space, for education in spending $54 million on bricks and mortar from scratch? I’d also like to shed some light on The “11.5 cents” BS that keeps being mentioned. It’s not 11.5 cents per person. It’s 11.5 cents per $100 of property you own added to the 66 cents property owners are currently paying. Basically, if you own $250k in property, your annual property taxes just increased from $1650 to $1938. That’s not pennies… How much more will it increase to run all this extra real estate? There is still plenty of unused land at the existing campus to add classroom space and it could be done much faster and effectively than starting over and abandoning the centrally located school. Just ask a high school kid how far they walk each day between buildings. All wasted space.

      • Joe from WS

        Don’t you worry MS. You won’t have to pay much based on the value of that singlewide trailer you live in. Just be glad they’re not taxing you on stupid, then you’d be paying big time!

      • Brandon

        You’re missing the point. Sure, it wouldn’t break the bank to add $24 per month to your tax burden. However, I fail to see the added value for better quality education with additional structural cost. If you look at all the other schools in the county, they are not very well maintained either. What is the plan for them and where is the additional revenue coming from to maintain all these buildings if we aren’t even keeping up with what we currently have? I will mention again that there is ample space on the campus between buildings and plenty of vertical space as all buildings are currently one story. When Ashley, Gildan, and other businesses start fully staffing, the population will grow in parallel. That being said, I do agree that more space is needed. I just don’t agree with the proposed plan and I don’t think it is going to be enough to suit our needs in the upcoming years considering the economic growth that we are about to see. The more I read into this plan, the more I feel like we are simply being sold something that does not address the root cause of our current and future needs at the expense of the taxpayer.

  • Edward

    If you think that our southern end of the county is hurting now just wait and see how bad it will be if we don’t build a new high school. Who would want to move to a place where the school is old and overcrowded? Not me and not our kids. Once they graduate and see the opportunities being provided in other places there will be nothing to make them want to come back. I hope my home town doesn’t let this happen.

  • VM

    I am currently a junior at Davie. I don’t believe people understand that yes, a new high school would in fact benefit students very much. It wouldn’t do any good to renovate the school because there is no room for expanding to fit everything that is needed. If we were to build a new high school, there would be more classrooms which would result in smaller classes. I have 31 kids in some of my classes now. If we had a new high school it would be easier to get the one-on-one help necessary to better a student’s education. I’m an AP student, so it’s not that I’m not perfectly capable of understanding the material, but having fewer kids in my class would be beneficial. Also, last year I had rats runnin through the classrooms, snakes coming out of water fountains, cockroaches everywhere. That causes a distraction in the class when we could be using that time to be learning. Also if there was a new high school there would be more parking spaces. I currently park on what used to be tennis courts, and some students dot even get to drive to school because at this point in the year every lot on campus is full. Not only are cars on the tennis courts, but there are also trailers because we don’t have enough classrooms. The crowding is the biggest problem. We aren’t able to have assemblies in our own gym because it is considered a safety hazard. We aren’t given lockers, which isn’t that big of a deal because many schools don’t, but I personally have scoliosis, so carrying around my 62 pound bookbag (yes, we have weighed it) isn’t exactly a fun thing to deal with. These are just a few reasons a new high school should be built, but I hope these issues will be taken into consideration because it concerns everyone.

    • BNB

      If you plan on going to college your going to be in large classes so you might as well get used to it. As for the puddles thats also an exaggeration I remember them and they weren’t that bad. Buliding a new high school is not going to help with the weight of your book bag. There are lockers at Davie and nobody uses them why would we use them at a new school. There is not enough time to go to your locker between each class.

  • Kathryn

    I’m sorry, but it is hard to walk around the puddles when they are over 8 inches deep and if you walk around you walk into the grass you will have to go through a deeper puddle. I am a student at a davie and my mom had to bring me a change of shoes and jeans because my shoes were ruined and jeans were soaking wet from the puddles walking to my class. so no students should worry about this and not have to worry about getting soaking wet going to class. It’s sad when it rains and we worry about how to get to class so we do not have this problem and then end up being late to class because we do not want to walk through big puddles. If you do not know personally how the problem is then do not tell people we have bigger things to worry about as students. We need a new highschiol no matter what.

  • DavieRes

    As I read some of these comments, I felt obliged to clarify some points.

    Those puddles cover entire walkways so walking around is not an option.

    The drainage issues are under the buildings, which it why they have never been fixed. The roof leaks are also in multiple locations.

    The school is for the whole county, regardless of your zip code, along with the recreation complex that would take it’s place at the current site.

    If you own property with a value in excess of $250,000 I fail to see how $24 a month will ruin you.

    If you are over 65 and/or disabled and meet certain income requirements, your property taxes can be reduced or waived. Check the county’s tax exemption page on their website.

    The number of teachers and teacher assistants is determined at the state level based on our school’s attendance. As we lose students to private schools and schools in other counties, we lose teaching positions.

    The current campus is half the recommended size according to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and additions such as an auditorium would require bulldozing buildings or losing some of the already-limited parking or practice space.

    The original location was centrally-located based on population when the school opened in 1954. With the loss of industry in the southern end and the growth in the eastern end, the center has shifted. The new site chosen in the best option, supported by DENR and the NCDOT.

    Numerous studies have found that the condition of school facilities have a direct and measurable impact on academic performance and student and staff morale.

    The best teachers are attracted to districts that make education a priority, and many of our best are retiring or leaving to work elsewhere. With our low local supplement and lack of modern facilities, we can’t compete with neighboring counties for the best talent.

    With the multitude of exterior entrances to the buildings and campus, security is a problem.

    Finally, ask yourself this. If you needed medical care, would you go to the old Mocksville hospital or the new facility in Advance?

    Please vote yes, not because it benefits you, but because it benefits everyone.

  • SRA

    I would like to say that I graduated from Davie last year, and the school is not fixable. Three different times last year that I wore sandals to school, and a bug crawled over my foot!! When you are trying to get to class, the hallways are so crowded (you are literally body to body) that it takes the entire time between classes to get where you are going (there’s not even enough time to use the bathroom if you need to). The library has worms underneath the carpet!! All buildings have multiple doors that are always unlocked and a shooter could come in at any moment. I thought about that often when I was sitting in class considering these things seem to be happening more and more. The new school would have one main entrance so that problem would be fixed. Everything looks disgusting and smells bad as well. If you care about the youth of Davie County then you will vote yes for the new school. This small tax would be for a such a good cause compared to all the stupid shit we get taxed for that has nothing to do with our community!!!

  • BNB

    I graduated from Davie last year and I survived. I remember the puddles and they were not as bad as everyone is making them out to be. Davie needs to be renovated because otherwise it will go to waste. There is nothing wrong with Davie. My classes were not that big and you might as well get used to having large classes because your going to in college. I am so tired of people complaining about Davie like its prison or something. Building a new school is not going to help with education and its not needed. It has been voted down twice already why are we voting again? So people will eventually give in and vote yes, well it did not work on me I will be voting no and I hope it gets voted down.

    • JW

      Renovating Davie, in the condition that it is in, would cost almost as much money as just getting a new high school. If a new high school is built, Davie would not go to waste. The plan includes parts of the school becoming administrative buildings and training centers for teachers. The athletic centers would be made public and become places that we could offer tournaments, thus bringing in revenue. While part of the school would be demolished, because it would be to hard and expensive to repair, the entire facility would not go to waste.

    • Joe from WS

      I graduated from Davie last year and I survived. that comment stands by itself! I’m actually on the floor laughing. I bet after 8 years of high school your parents are really proud!

  • J

    Times change, and as times change people must adapt and change to survive in today’s world. The condition of Davie High School is pathetic, and anybody that says otherwise is downright kidding themselves. Literally in a comment above someone mentioned the drainage problem started in the 80’s… The 80’s?! and it still has that problem? Is that not a good reason obviously in front of you that Davie needs change? The current students are on here telling you how it is, letting you know how desperately they want to be able to have a better education and a better place for learning, and you go “Oh well I dealt with it my 4 years you can too.” That is an immature and selfish reaction. You cannot in good faith say that and pretend to care about the next generations well being. I used to be a student at Davie (graduated a few years ago) and I thought back then the school was run down and out of date, especially compared to schools in forsyth. I have good friends that lived in Davie for their elementary and middle school years, but as soon as high school came about they left town because they knew better. Davie has the reputation of having one single run down high school, and its a well known reputation. People choose not to move here because they are worried about the standard of education their kids will receive. To boost our local economy we need consumers, and the ones that would spend the most are leaving Davie for good. And the high school is a large component of that happening. Make the right decision and say yes to the high school. The next generation needs your help.

  • Joe from WS

    I think you should all vote “NO”. I say this because Davie if full of a bunch of ignorant and stupid white trash anyway. You would be wasting money on a bunch of rednecks who don’t know the value of good education. Your campus is a shithole and the rednecks like it that way. It reminds them of their trailers they live in, so it’s like a “home away from home”. What you should invest in are couches and tv’s in each room so you can run a constant rotation of “here comes honey boo boo”, “Duck Dynasty” and “Teen Mom”.

  • DC

    When the debate was going on 10 years ago, a teacher living in the southern end of the county said to me that he was voting “no” for that bond because if a family, and DC is a family, outgrows their house, they don’t build a house for half the family and only move half of them out. He still lives in the southern end of the county, still feels the same way, and is 100% behind this bond. And please remember that teachers in NC do not make much money…

    It’s amazing to me how many folks felt the same way he did 10 years ago – that this campus should not be split – but today have found new reasons to vote “no”. Davie County outgrew this house years ago. It’s time for a new one.

    Change is hard but it shouldn’t be impossible.

    • JW

      Although some schools are in need of repair, that benefits a smaller amount of students. A new high school would benefit everyone in the county because no matter what elementary or middle school you go to, everyone ends up at the high school.

    • Joe from WS

      Renovating Davie HS is like renovating your trailer. I know you would do, but it doesn’t mean it’s smart!

  • DCAW

    I feel so bad for DCAW kids. The children can hardly speak english. Maybe, better teachers from Forsyth County might drive over the bridge if they build a new one.

  • Rachel B.

    There’s so much more to this than the puddling water. It’s a matter of safety for the students attending and although I wouldn’t be able to attend the new high school I still have enough compassion to care for those who would be able to. Please leave all comparisons to the past behind and take into consideration what’s going on now. The high school was not built to hold this many students. We’re packed together like hogs in a slaughter house. It’s a safety issue not only to walk through the hallways but to be on campus. There’s a total of 99 entrances to the school. Walking onto campus is frighteningly easy. I can’t imagine a reason valid enough to cause you to vote against a new high school. It puts me in distress and fills me with fear to know that some of you will be voting without being properly educated on the issue and without viewing the conditions that the current high school is in.

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