Davie Co. community rallies for new high school building

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DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. -- More than 400 showed up for the rally at Davie County High school to gain support for a new building.

The "Fun for One Pep Rally and Family Day" offered games, raffle prizes and music for attendees as well as information as to why the community should vote yes for a new Davie County High School.

People could register to vote for the May 6 date and ask questions about the proposed renderings on display.

The plans drafted estimate a building cost of $56.3 million dollars.

Parents say not only does the current school building require a long list of leaking repairs but does not hold enough space for athletic, art, student activities.

The final date to register before the May 6 vote is April 11.

Davie County High School was built in 1956 with about 700 students with a capacity of 1,000.

There are currently about 1700 students.


  • nono

    Please fox8 give equal time to the ones that are against this waste of tax dollars. Our taxes WILL go sky high.

    • agoodmom

      How is it a waste of money when there are 700 more kids stuffed in that building than it was built to hold?


      “the ones that are against this waste of tax dollars” refuse to be interviewed by the media, and have no concrete actionable plan although they will say they have a plan. When asked to provide that plan it never materializes. The taxpayers today are being asked to shoulder proportionately less tax burden than the taxpayers shouldered when the current high school was built in 1956. Your taxes and mine are going to go up period – estimates to renovate the current high school stopped at 44 million. I know, I know “the ones against this waste of tax dollars” say it won’t cost that much but WHERE IS THEIR PROOF? This has been going on for years and they still have no plan. It’s easy to say this or that can be done, however, it’s a much different thing to find a contractor or architect that agrees. Even Mr. Ridenhour has admitted on facebook that the “estimates” he as quoted for renovation are just his opinion. It was stated quite eloquently by a letter to the editor in this week’s Daily Enterprise when she stated, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” I sure hope Davie county has enough “old men” willing to plant this shade tree that Davie county most definitely needs

    • Joe from WS

      It’s SKY HIGH when you live in a trailer and make a living out of making babies and working the welfare line! Tell Honey Boo Boo I said “Hi”!

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