Video of 59-year-old woman ‘dancing around the world’ will make you smile


1902765_10152069276198822_1432828609_nA 59-year-old woman filmed a dancing around the world video to fulfill her and her husband’s bucketlist.

Debbe Patterson, who lives in Parksville, British Columbia, said she has traveled “quite a bit” over the years.

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with a serious illness and last January I had to leave work because of it,” Patterson said in an email. “I will probably not be able to travel much longer so I wanted to try to complete my husband’s and my bucketlist,” Patterson said, acknowledging the “list has a hole in it” because it keeps growing.

She started filming the videos in January 2013 in Belize.

dance2“I wanted to have a fun little video of where I had been so that when I can’t travel anymore, I have this to remember it by,” Patterson said.

She said she decided to share the video with friends and posted it on YouTube.

“Everywhere I went was great, but Ecuador and Peru was great because they just really got into it with me and had fun too,” Patterson said.

Patterson dances in several locations, including: Split, Croatia; New Orleans; Prague, Czech Republic, Krakow, Poland; Kings Canyon, Calif.; Budapest, Hungary; Transylvania, Romania; Mostar, Herzegovina; Purmamacara, Argentina; Venice, Italy; Canon Beach, Oregon; Belize; Tuscany, Italy; Bryce Canyon, Utah; the Amazon Rainforest and several other places.

“I am just trying to live every day to the fullest and have fun every day,” Patterson said.