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Video of 59-year-old woman ‘dancing around the world’ will make you smile

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1902765_10152069276198822_1432828609_nA 59-year-old woman filmed a dancing around the world video to fulfill her and her husband’s bucketlist.

Debbe Patterson, who lives in Parksville, British Columbia, said she has traveled “quite a bit” over the years.

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with a serious illness and last January I had to leave work because of it,” Patterson said in an email. “I will probably not be able to travel much longer so I wanted to try to complete my husband’s and my bucketlist,” Patterson said, acknowledging the “list has a hole in it” because it keeps growing.

She started filming the videos in January 2013 in Belize.

dance2“I wanted to have a fun little video of where I had been so that when I can’t travel anymore, I have this to remember it by,” Patterson said.

She said she decided to share the video with friends and posted it on YouTube.

“Everywhere I went was great, but Ecuador and Peru was great because they just really got into it with me and had fun too,” Patterson said.

Patterson dances in several locations, including: Split, Croatia; New Orleans; Prague, Czech Republic, Krakow, Poland; Kings Canyon, Calif.; Budapest, Hungary; Transylvania, Romania; Mostar, Herzegovina; Purmamacara, Argentina; Venice, Italy; Canon Beach, Oregon; Belize; Tuscany, Italy; Bryce Canyon, Utah; the Amazon Rainforest and several other places.

“I am just trying to live every day to the fullest and have fun every day,” Patterson said.


    • Your only as old as you feel

      Really Frank?????? The fact that she is having fun should be enough to make someone smile. I would love to be able to do that. Don’t hate just because its not your thing. Rock on Granny :)

  • Carolyn

    What a joy to watch! Making memories and just having fun. Wish her and her husband the very best and may they continue to enjoy life even when she can no longer travel.

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