10-month-old Aubrey recovering after she was struck by vehicle in Burlington

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Stormie Vancil (WGHP)

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Ten-month-old Aubrey Flynn is recovering after she was struck by a vehicle last Wednesday outside the emergency room at Alamance Regional Medical Center.

Investigators said Stormie Vancil was charged with DWI after her vehicle struck Melissa Flynn and ran over her 10-month-old baby, Aubrey, who was in a stroller.

Flynn was treated and released from the hospital.

Aubrey seems to be making a turn for the better, according to Burlington Police spokesman Chris Verdeck.

“I was told she has been taken off the breathing tube and she opened her eyes. Keep praying and hoping for a full recovery,” Verdeck said in an email.

According to a warrant, the “tires rolled over and on top of the infant’s head causing severe injuries.”

The warrant indicated the accident was unintentional.

During her first court appearance, Vancil asked the judge, “Is there any way I can ask for a bond reduction so I can make arrangements for my children? Because my husband is also getting locked up.”

Police said the husband’s charges were unrelated to the case.

Judge Kathryn Overby told Vancil she could make that request in a separate bond hearing Friday.

Judge Overby also explained the maximum possible sentence for DWI is three years. She said the maximum possible sentence for the Felony Injury charge is 59 months.


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