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Coach K tops list of highest-paid college basketball coaches

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski

DURHAM, N.C. — Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski is the highest paid coach in college basketball, making more than $9 million annually.

The numbers were released in a recent USA Today article entitled “Coaches hit jackpot in NCAA system.”

Coach K’s 2014 salary was listed at $9,682,032, an increase of more than $2 million from the previous year.

Krzyzewski’s current salary is $2.7 million more than Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban, the next highest paid college coach. Coach K makes almost $4 million more than the next highest paid college basketball coach, Rick Pitino of Louisville.

Some speculate Duke is dishing out the cash to keep Coach K from leaving for the NBA.

He discussed the Lakers job a few years ago but turned down a reported five year $40 million deal.

Read more: USA Today. To find out what other coaches make, click here.


  • sdmfbrandon

    Coach K couldn’t even handle the Lakers. As a Lakers’ fan, there is gonna be at least a good 5 years after Kobe retires, for that team to make it back to the playoffs.

  • Andy

    Just shows which school is the most ignorant! How do you justify that kind of salary? Especially to someone who cannot get past the first round 2 of the last 3 years? Build a bigger gym, leave the air condition on during games, and lock up half of those idiotic Cameron Crazies. Then get your minds back on keeping players more than 1 year…oh yeah, and ESPECIALLY on actually winning without whining at the refs the whole game because you didn’t get away with all of those “Coach K-induced” FAKE charges you try to dishonestly pull off. A man of integrity??! You must be kidding!!!

    • Kc

      Do you watch the games or follow Duke at all? I think you don’t because Duke hardly ever has a one and done player on its team. Also, why build a bigger gym when there is so much history and atmosphere in Cameron Indoor. Also, the crazies add to the atmosphere and are quite intimidating. But then again, you’d have to know basketball to get that. Kind of hard not to pay one of the winningest college coaches of all time to keep him around. And fake charges aren’t possible. It’s either a charge or it’s not, can’t be fake. However I do see what you are saying about flopping, but to call his integrity in to question because of the action of his players? You are questionable and your post shows ignorance to the Duke team

      • Jethro Bodink

        You’re obviously a die hard Duke fan and can’t see what the rest of the world sees. The fake charges, yelling at the refs when things don’t go Dukes way, it’s all obvious.

    • Dbol

      Andrew you are a idiot. We won the championship in 2010 but I guess your new age “give it to me now” mind doesn’t remember that.

      • Will Grant

        Correction…Duke won the championship, not “we.” You had nothing to do with it.

        Fox 8 is getting to be as bad a Dick Vitale…will always find a way to shove Duke and/or Coach K into a broadcast when the team is long since eliminated.

  • smokeydog

    350,000.00 should be the cap…..its all a money game for the schools….the new acc structure stinks….i dont love the games any more!

  • Will Grant

    For all those whining about the “unfairness” of contracts like this…just stop watching the games.

  • Dbol

    Actually willy grant I did have something to do with it. I am an assistant trainer for the duke basketball team. Go back to watching the games on your couch and not doing anything with your life. Maybe I don’t play but teams like ours like to get everyone involved and everybody has a piece. I got a ring too. People talk bad about duke but in all reality they all are jealous because we are top class. Anything y’all say that is negative I know is false because I’m here every day and I know how it goes. Sorry your school is not as richly regarded as our. We stand for excellence. You can sit there and say I’m dumb or whatever but it really doesn’t matter your ONI making yourself look like an idiot. People like you are what’s wrong with the world. You can’t ever get what you want so you put other people down to make yourself feel better but in all reality your just tore up inside.

    • Will Grant

      Oh, brother…you are nothing of the kind, “Dbol” Save that lie for the ladies at your mom’s bingo parlor.

      • Will grant

        Will grant is a idiot. He talks out his nasty stank butt. Doesn’t know anything about sports or life. Probably is a 40 year old fatso that sits on his computer and beats off to channel 8 news anchors all day.

  • Dbol

    Coach k devotes his life to basketball. How can you say he makes to much money. Coach k is duke, he has done more for his school than any other coach. I mean all the guy does is win, win, an win. When he does lose people think something is wrong or that he has lost his touch. Sounds to me like a pretty good place to be. You win so much that it’s weird when you don’t. Do not disrespect greatness. You may not like him but do not disrespect him. Coach k is a great man and he does more for people other than just basketball. The game will be different when he is gone. Not only has he won more games than anybody else, he’s got 4 titles, won more NCAA games than anybody, and he has 2 gold medals. Sounds to me like he has done pretty dang good and he deserves respect. There is always gonna be haters because the world is filled with devil filled hatred like half the people on this website. A lot of y’all don’t even know anything about sports, it’s just the cool thing to do to spread lies and talk down about other people when in all reality you have more wrong with you than a homosexual. Grow up world…people getting dumber ever day. Just waiting till God comes back and takes all the good people and leaves all of y’all to fight and kill each other.

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