‘UFO’ descends on deer in Mississippi woods

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JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. — Something mysterious lit up the sky near a wooded area in Mississippi and it was all caught on camera.

WLOX reported that Rainer and Edith Shattles caught the image on a surveillance camera on the night on February 16 on the 150 wooded acres they call home.

The couple keeps a camera mounted to a tree to spot deer. They said they found two lights suddenly appear on camera and then fly off.

The footage shows two lights close together, looking similar to headlights. But there are no roads and it’s in the sky.

And how are the deer lit up? The camera is infrared and doesn’t emit light, according to WLOX.

What do you think it was? Watch footage of the mystery in the video above.


  • Steve

    It’s a lens flare from the overexposed deer’s eyes. And it’s not true that the camera doesn’t emit light- it does emit an infrared light. Flip the image and lay it over the original- the lights match up perfectly with the eyes.

  • Khai

    The fact this is on a local news station’s site states away is so pathetic. Stories like these confirm to the rest of the world how gullible and stupid amerikans are.

    • justin

      Cute. Youre statement is borderline broken english. But anyways, what does states away have to do with gullibility? So you cant believe things unless they happen in your state/city/county/state/city/or whatever??? Next time you want to bash a whole country, be sure to make it a coherent thought, so that we can make sure we are laughing at you correctly. I think its adorable that you tried. But no.

    • swest26

      bugs- i’m a photography. A bug close to the lens creates all kind of interesting looking photos- including the famous “flying rods” also these cameras flash- but it’s infrared, so you don’t see it. It can light up any fog in the area and make nice looking ghosts.

  • Tara

    I believe 100% something is out there in 2012 In December me and my friend saw a flying object hovering over some trees low enough for us to see it and as soon as we tried to take pictures it’s gone.. only ride home as we get closer we stop and see something else similar to what we had seen already another car was stopped in seeing the same thing we seen yes..believe it was a UFO about a month ago my neighbor seen something around 2 a.m. Hovering over some trees it was doing some crazy movement in the sky I believe it was not an airplane because airplanes would not be this low.. there’s things out there that we do not know about I don’t think people make this stuff up now that I’ve seen what I have seen

    • bploski

      i agree out of all the people reporting these sightings there has to be something up i mean yea theres the fakers but in reality everyone almost come on out of this whole galaxie you don’t think there something out there intellegent or not. this deer video can be fake but i saw something to so i do beleive, me i saw an olval shape object very big with red circular lights around it when i was at the park at night it was to dark to see the body outline but it was not a plane or helecopter it made no sound, and the shine red lights glowed so much like a lamp no very bright but to see the out line of the ship. and was as close as three three story buildings i think.

  • jsluder

    Simplest explanation. Someone took the SD card from the camera, photo shopped the pictures, then put it back in. It’s a very common practical joke.

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