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Police find 1 dead, 1 injured at Denton home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Denton police said they’re investigating after a fatal double shooting Saturday.

DENTON, N.C. – Denton police said they’re investigating after one person was found dead and another was found injured early Saturday morning.

Police said the victims were found at a home in the 100 block of East Carroll Avenue after responding to a shooting call around 12:10 a.m.

The identities of the victim have not been released. Police said a male was found on the front porch with a gunshot wound and a female was found inside the home. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the male was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center with unreleased injuries.

The incident is ongoing and no further information was immediately available.


      • Brittius

        shooter: the news was delivered to me for the purpose of reblogging. I did not ask for it. I am a retired Detective Sergeant, therefore the interest exists as it is a topic that I normally blog. Aside from all over the globe, I do have readers in that geographic area.
        Enough with the sophomoric comments that you make. If you are employed by the station, then understand that I was asked to follow for a while and did but found the sophomoric comments beneath my intelligence and stopped following. The article was delivered through Reader Pane.

  • katy

    And yet again they post the address before all family notified!! Terrible news station..what if it were some of their family or friends?

  • Outopocket

    Denton police Have the most ownership in releasing the address before kin is notified…..even Barney Fyfe has enough sense not to do that!!!!!

  • amanda

    Please continue to follow up on this. It was a friend that was killed and family and friends want justice.

  • Anita Hancock

    I live in Denton so everybody get off each other’s back. The reason the address was printed was because maybe somebody saw or heard something. “lol” has no business being in this post. If you can’t help with the investigation keep out of it. Maybe somebody can.

    • Frank

      What does you living in denton have anything to do with it? You’re implying you’ve got the inside scoop or something? You sound like a joke.

  • Anita Hancock

    No, I just know how to treat people. Who wants to see lol in a comment about their relatives. So I suppose you are the joke, sir. No more comments from you would be nice since they do not pertain to this investigation., hush.

  • Ashley

    I can’t believe some of you people. Really now? This girl was murdered. Her daughters lost their mother! And y’all are arguing over dumb stuff and making jokes? I don’t get it. What is wrong with people these days? I am not super close to the family but I do know them enough to know they are good people and deserve respect and prayers in this tragic time but really anyone deserves that much. Can’t we be adults and have some consideration for the family. The address wasn’t actually even given … Just the block as far as I saw. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family especially her daughters and sister. My heart breaks for them. She didn’t deserve this and her family doesn’t either. :(

    • melissa (her sister)

      Thank you ashley. They have no idea what i am going through and my nieces. My sister was murdered please have some respect. And we were notified before this was ever released . Thanks.

      • Felicia

        Im so sorry for your loss Melissa and we are praying for the family. I know im not as close as we should have stayed (ur sister and I) but she will be missed!

  • Lisa Smith

    Well I lived in that house with my three kids for 71/2 years until my aunt owner financed it to the two that were involved in the incident. When we were moving (myself with MS) both individuals were volatile to my kids and myself and much of our belongings stolen!! Sometimes life is cruel either wrong place at wrong time or you get what you give out of life. I am sorry for the kids but my kids were hurt by these people almost exactly a year ago. And the truth will come out but unfortunately kids and family will suffer for this.

    • Carrie

      Lisa, I’ll be praying for you. You need God! And a heart! I’m so sorry to hear about this! Kim was a really good person. I can’t believe this happened and am kicking myself that it had been so long since we had talked. I wasn’t besties with her or anything, we just hung around the same people, but she was one of my favorite people. She was funny, and a jokester. She was a good mom. I remember the last time we talked it was about her girls. She doesn’t deserve to have her name drug thru the mud. But Lisa, I can say that your name is most definitely being drug thru the mud right now. And we know for certainty you earned it. Praying for all of the family and the sweet little girls during this difficult time. Love you all!

  • D-the wifey

    Your actions by posting your “issues” with said individuals makes your reitteration invalid and full out knowing her family has posted on this makes your actions that much worse … If you can’t say something nice then don’t say shit, There’s family and friends and children grieving one wants to hear your shit and or any issues you may have had ..your only drawing attention to yourself and away from the victim and her family … Which are the more important people at this time.

  • Ashley

    Your welcome Melissa. <3
    Lisa, I'm sorry you have these hard feelings but do you really find it appropriate to post on this about that? I mean really what do you gain? Even if you were being entirely honest (which no one can really know both sides at this point – which makes it cowardly to post) but even if it's true do you get some kind of sick comfort out of this tragic loss? Does it make you feel better to smear her through the mud at this point? Let it be. At this point all you did was make yourself look insensitive and ignorant. It's hard for anyone to feel sorry for you if your posting heartlessly on here. If any of this is true was the loss of your "things" more important than the loss of her life, the loss of two beautiful little girls mother, the loss of a younger sister, a daughter, a friend, and more? It really isn't worth posting up here while her family grieves. Please think before you post in the future. And I will pray that whatever had turned your heart so cold (that you find it ok to post what you did) will either go away or get better … For the sake of your children. I hope that you can teach them love and teach them to let go of bitterness, anger, and hate. Because especially in times like this …. You get nowhere with the latter.

  • Lisa Smith

    Well doesn’t sound like a break in so I guess their anger was taken out on each other, right ??? You as the family know just because someone dies doesn’t make them saint! Unless you think a robber might have been there. And in that case I might can provide some insight? In 71/2 years I was robbed by one guy I thought was in jail but if he is out he could be a suspect???…nothing cowardly in honesty.. Hope justice gets served!!!!!

    • amanda

      You truly are a disgrace to all humanity. I cant believe anyone would do what your doing. Im just in shock. Keep your rudeness to yourself!!! She was my friend and a very good one at that!!!

  • Sarah Powell

    Shes not Melissa, her sister who was shot was. I met her a few times and my brother & his fionsa is very close to this family. Show some fucking respect.

  • Sarah Powell

    My mistake, I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with your family. Joe called me 5:30 sat morning crying. :( He said she always reminded him of me? .. Im following this story also. I believe the truth will come out. May God be with your nieces, family & friends. May God protect & comfort her daughters & everyone that loved her.

  • Ashley

    I cannot believe this woman has the audacity to continue with her unwanted remarks. No one claimed she was a saint (you certainly aren’t any better – ignorance is bliss though huh). But saint or not she didn’t deserve that and her family doesn’t deserve to have to see the ignorance your spewing. Just move on already. Let it go. Grow up. And have some freaking decency. How would you like if this was your family? And FYI … Idk the entire situation but I clearly remember her donating things that were left in that home to charity. Not that anyone should even bother defending her to someone like you. Anyone who knows her knows to disregard your ignorance. But if she “stole” your things what did she gain? She didn’t sell them and didn’t use them …. She donated them. Why were they left there? Sounds to me like your “beef” should be with your aunt for selling the house to them? Sounds like you didn’t wanna leave and left your stuff there. Shoulda got it out before they began moving in. So quit trying to smear her name through the mud. Take it up with someone who cares. None of your THINGS were worth her life. Your bitterness and anger isn’t worth any of the grief her family has to live with … Especially reading your stupid ignorant comments. Seriously let go of your bitterness … Life will be much better for you when you do. Clinging to bitterness does not gain you pity it just brings you down.

  • amanda

    Lisa Smith your really a shame to the human race. How would you feel if this was your family member? Oh wait it sounds to me you care about you and you only! I think its best if you just stop commenting at all. Your rude, disrespectful and way out of line. She was a great person! A great mother, friend, daughter. You should be ashamed of yourself and your behavior. May god bless you because your truly an awful person.

  • leahann hughes

    Lisa smith u need to put a bridal in that hole u call a mouth kimberly was a very dear friend and u will open a can of worms u dont want to by leaving rude uncalled for comments… keep ur mouth shut before u say something that gets ur mouth shut for u… this girl has enough friends and she was never ever a thief so keep bad mouthing a person that’s gone and can’t decent them selves… cause there are enough ppl who will speak up for her… ur a shame.. and a waste of air…

  • Pamela

    Lisa Smith you just sound like a sad, bitter, and hateful person.. I didn’t know her but.. Talking shit about someone AFTER they have passed where her family and friends can see this.. How low down and shameful can you get?? If you can’t say anything nice then shut the hell up.

  • Jeanna

    I’ve known Kim forever it seems like she was an amazing person and one of the greatest friends you could ask for so Lisa Smith you can run your mouth and put Kim down all you want air all your grievances out on fox 8 because that says a heck of a lot more about you and how disrespectful and inconsiderate you are. You should be ashamed of the action but considering you probably have no moral compass I’m sure you you will not lose sleep over your disrespect toward Kim I can only hope that when you pass your family will not be faced with someone’s disrespectful remarks like you have posted for Kim’s parents to read about their daughter. For those of us who truly loved Kim knows she was not a thief and if she was ever rude too someone she had a reason Kim will be truely missed. She was one of the best people I have ever known

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