Winston-Salem street repairs part of $175M bond referendum

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The Winston-Salem City Council has approved a $175 million bond referendum that will be on the ballot in November. Part of the bond package will go towards repaving roads across the city.

"We do rank our streets each year on a scale from 0-100. Right now, half our streets are a 50 or below," said City Councilman Robert Clark.

Clark says the city does budget a couple million dollars every year for regular street repairs. But filling pot holes is a temporary fix, so it's going to take a lot more to get the streets back in shape.

"The last winter was particularly hard on our streets. We need a major effort there to get caught up," said Clark.

Clark says major repairs will be possible through the city's bond referendum, which includes $15,250,000 for street resurfacing.

Citizens in Winston-Salem will be able to vote on each part of the bond package in November. The five categories include $25,000,000 for economic development, $31,000,000 for public safety improvements, $30,850,000 for recreation, $60,650,000 for transportation, and $17,500,000 for public assembly facilities.

The city will be holding several open forums throughout April where people can learn more about the bond referendum.