Three charged in Alamance County ‘sexting’ investigation

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. – Alamance County deputies have arrested three suspects in a “sexting” investigation which officials said involved obscene photos of a 16-year-old girl.

Ezra Dejesus Brent , 17, of Burlington; Jordan Tyler Pickard, 20, of Graham, and Maureen Chafatelli, 16, of Elon, face charges in connection to the investigation.

Officials said Brent was originally arrested on March 12 for allegedly burglarizing a home and was apprehended after trying to elude deputies during a chase.

Deputies said that during that investigation, images of a 16-year-old girl were allegedly found on his cell phone.

Brent allegedly sent obscene images of himself to the girl. He was also charged with feloniously assaulting a law enforcement officer during this investigation.

Pickard was charged Thursday after an alleged obscene video recovered from the girl’s phone.

Chafatelli was charged with the misdemeanor of preparing obscene images for dissemination in violation of GS 14-190.5(1).


  • Richard Nance

    Wow, the Thugs keep getting Younger & Younger, I believe the Laws covering Juveniles are going to have to be changed to a much younger age of about 10 years old & anyone arrested over the age of 10 will have to be tried as an Adult.because these young ones are just slapped on the wrist & let go so they can Rob, Steal or Murder again….

  • sucko

    while crack destroys the world the pansie cops are busting sexting wow tax payers are proud fight real crime you ever wonder why ghettos stay ghettos cops know where to cross the line who to pick on and not to

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