RiverRun International Film Festival kicks off

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The 16th annual RiverRun International Film Festival kicked off Friday with 144 films and a lot of Oscar buzz.

In January, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences informed festival leaders they were one out of 36 festivals in the world chosen to be a qualifying festival for the Oscars in the documentary short subject category.

“The film that plays here and wins, may actually be in Mann's Theatre next year," said Andrew Rodgers, executive director of River Run Film Festival. “Next year we are anticipating seeing a boost in the number of films submitted to be considered for River Run partially in the documentary short subject category.”

The film festival drawls people from around the world and is now doing more than making a name for itself, but for Winston-Salem.

"It gives the triad exposure not just in North Carolina, not just in the southeast but internationally,“ said David Park, board member of the film festival. “You are showing films you basically can't see most anywhere else. It's the purity of commitment to what we are trying to do.”

The festival runs through April 13. For more information visit http://www.riverrunfilm.com