Man arrested more than 50 times charged in Greensboro triple shooting

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Mario Andretti Dorsett

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police have arrested a man in connection with a triple shooting on March 29 on Fairbrother Street.

Mario Andretti Dorsett, 32, was arrested in Randolph County by detectives from the Greensboro Police Department’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team. The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department assisted in the arrest.

The shooting happened around 5 a.m. March 29 at a home at 2004 Fairbrother St. When officers arrived they said they found three people suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds. All three victims were treated and released from the hospital.

Police said Dorsett is a known gang member and has been arrested more than 50 times since 1997.

He is currently facing two counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, two counts of possess firearm by felon, one count of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury and one count of discharging a firearm in city limits.

Additional charges may be pending.


  • Richard Nance

    Don’t worry folks, with our great Judicial System at work, this thug will be out in no time, probably by tonight….why even bother to arrest these people anyway, I mean he’s been arrested more then 50 times & out on the street with a gun, oh well so what else is new!!

  • JokeJudges

    Good riddance….I guess this time is just #51 and he will be out causing more problems tomorrow night! Good work Greensboro, this judicial system is definitely there to protect and serve the criminals, not the innocent folks!

  • Nick Sellers Edq

    Somebody had this fellow, dropped him on the welfare and the streets, and he grew up to be a thug. No shocker, the AA community needs to promote education and responsibility.

    • stephanie

      Don’t judge a family by what one person does. I actually went to school with Mario from Alamance elementary & up. He grew up in church raised by a good family, no welfare or projects. Grew up out in Lynwood Lakes, went to Southeast Guilford. Some people just get involved in things/peer pressure an start going down from there. You never know what someone comes from just because someone does a lot of bad, doesn’t mean they grew up thug life on welfare! I don’t agree with the life he chose, but God will be his ultimate judge.

  • chucky1992

    Has he been arrested on these charges… it looks like the warrants have not been served. While he does have a really long arrest record, his list of convictions is short. He has been charged with pretty serious crimes before but most have been dismissed. In NC, a person gets sentenced based on a point system called “Structured Sentencing”. With dismissals, a person gets no points.

  • FaithC

    What? Arrested 50 times in 17 years. That is an average of 3 times a year. Why is he still walking free? Do they not have habitual offender laws down here? If not they need them, now.


    This POS has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he is worthless as a human being and worthless to society. Nothing more than an oxygen thief. Either lock him away for the rest of his natural life and throw away the key or dig a deep hole, double tap him behind the ear with a large and powerful weapon, then cover him up,be cause worms gotta eat too.

  • sucko

    gang members have money this is a scrub i bet a public defender no private lawyer man im happy im not black

  • Richard Harrow

    Let’s hear more about gun control while there are predators such as this filthy feral savage allowed to roam free among society.

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