Call center to add 500 jobs in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A call center in Greensboro plans to add 500 full-time jobs through July.

APAC Customer Services will add jobs in customer service and phone sales support for a "major" telecommunications client.

APAC is an outsourcing company, meaning larger companies hire APC for sales calls and customer service jobs.

Officials said the jobs are primarily entry-level jobs, including data entry, claims processing and call center positions.

Commenting on the growth of the business, Steve Cathers, SiteDirector of APAC Customer Services' Greensboro location, said, "This is a very exciting time for us. I'm so pleased to offer such a large number of high-quality jobs to the Greensboro community. I look forward to welcoming new employees who are looking for a great place to work and build a career."

On Monday, the company will bring in the first 100 workers who will go through a 3-4 week training process.

The company will bring in workers in groups of 100 through July.

APAC’s call center is located on Federal Drive near PTI and already employs 500 people.

For more information about careers at APAC, visit:


  • JokeJudges

    Sounds to me like another $8.50 and hour job with a paycheck that has less due to health insurance, so work 40 hours a week to get $300 a week which doesnt get much due to gas prices and travel. But go for it folks, someone has to do it, just not the unemployed because they make more sitting at home sipping booze and watching jerry springer and maury povich!

  • Will Grant

    I am sorry I made such an ignorant comment. Truth is a lot of people are looking for employment, including myself. If you can find a job making an honest living, hold on to it.

  • Will Grant

    oh, brother… Fake Will strikes again … I stand by my comment because it is the truth…whether you people like that truth or not is completely irrelevant. Hope this helps.

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