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Awkward ‘Jeopardy’ moment after contestant tells Trebek he’s wearing a suit made by children

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Alex Trebek was caught in an awkward situation during a recent episode of ‘Jeopardy’ when a contestant accused him of wearing a “fancy suit” made by children.

During the Battle of the Decades episode, Trebek asked Kavanaugh how he would spend the money if he won the $1 million prize. Kavanaugh said he wants to shoot a documentary on sweatshop labor.

He then said: “So it’s to try to put a face on who makes our clothes. Maybe you can find out the names of the 8-year-olds who made your fancy suit there, Alex.”

Skip to 1:20 to watch the awkward moment.


  • Will Grant

    It wouldn’t hurt her to sweat a little bit…besides when she eats. Epic multiple chin moon face.

    • Brandi

      Except if you’d watch the video you’d see it was the male contestant that actually made the comment… fail! Lol

      • Will Grant

        After seeing that whate in a cheap cardigan, I wasn’t about to watch the whole video, “Brandi.”

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