Victim’s Justice Center for domestic violence victims opens in High Point

HIGH POINT, N.C. — For the past 20 years, Gretta Bush has been a survivor.

“When I was younger, I had a domestic violence situation,” Bush said. “He was stalking me and harassing me. It’s the ultimate fear.”

Along with fearing for her and her children’s lives, she found it was hard getting the help she needed and she didn’t know where to go.

“I had a lot of questions that I was asking,” she said. “There was nobody to personally assist me.”

She was proud to help open High Point’s new Victim’s Justice Center Wednesday. The center will be a one-stop resource center for victims of domestic violence, setting victims up with police, restraining orders and counseling all in one spot.

It’s a resource victims in High Point have never had before.

“They’d be reporting crimes, and we’d have to send them across town to family service or send them to Greensboro for legal aid,” said Maj. Kenneth Shultz of the High Point Police Department.

“By the time they started being told where all to go, they would never follow through.”

Next door, the city’s new center for children and families also opened.

“This is where families will come for parent education classes, when their children are in group classes here, new moms,” said Dr. Chris Payne, executive director of the High Point Center for Children & Families.

They are the kinds of services which could have helped people like Gretta.

“It’s still going to save lives,” Bush said.


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