NC drivers could be charged by the mile; NCDOT hears proposal

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Big changes could be just down the road for North Carolina drivers as they could be charged by the mile, instead of at the gas pump.

North Carolina Department of Transportation board members will hear a presentation Wednesday on a proposal to tax people based on the number of miles they drive.

The proposal would be to charge .5-cents-per-mile for cars, which would generate almost $500 million in annual state revenue.

At issue are falling state gas tax revenues in part because of more fuel-efficient cars requiring less gas. North Carolina drivers currently pay one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

Some state leaders say the more drivers use their car, the more they should pay, because more cars rolling cause more wear and tear on the state’s roads.

“There are a lot of potholes, and to raise more taxes could be beneficial ,but at the same time we are already paying so many taxes for so many other things we don’t exactly know where that money goes,” commuter Katherine Gerstel said.

North Carolina’s Board of Transportation Funding Committee will hear more about the proposal during a meeting Wednesday.

The Chief Deputy Secretary of North Carolina’s Department of Transportation has emphasized that state leaders are just reviewing options to raise more revenues to cover escalating costs for road construction, repairs and expansion with a growing population.

Bill Heckstall, who lives 10 miles from the Tennessee border, told WTVD he crosses the border to fill up there instead.

“Let’s put it this way, I can put in 3 more gallons in my car there compared to here, because of the gas tax,” he said.

Source: WTVD


  • keene kruckenberg

    This is typical,our economy in NC is in the crapper and we are proposing to raise taxes on the ones that are working everyday. Roman Empire responded the same way with tax increases that led to revolution. Soldiers on the western front gave up threw down their weapons and went home to chaos. We are already in in trouble with our unemployment, where is the accountability in our governments spending. lets empty the politicians pockets and we could pay our state and national dept. Think about the proposed 10% across the board years ago…it is time to reconsider.

  • Jessie

    Look for ways to stop waste of highway funds and stop transferring highway funds someplace else. I know our elected officials can be more creative than taxing North Carolinians by the mile which could involve attaching a tracking device on our vehickles. I do not want such an intrusive device on my vehickle. I want more proof that not enough gasoline funds is coming in to take care of our highways. We pay a lot money in gasoline taxes. I wonder do government officials live in the same real world its voters live in and do they listen to the voice of the people.

  • Pimpin

    Fuck it I’ll get a bicycle or change out my odemeter every year before inspection… Fuck the tax man

  • tax burdened

    New taxes and rising prices are killing our economy. People cannot afford to save for retirement now. People cannot afford to buy a new vehicle because taxes are killing our paychecks. In 2000 I purchase a new truck and it cost 22 dollars to fill up now it cost 72 dollars. If I purchased a new vehicle I would be taxed, my insurance premium would double, I would still have to pay high gas taxes and the roads are not protected from animals or people driving without licenses which could damage my vehicle which I would have to pay.
    We all know that raising taxes increase transportation and shipping cost on ALL PRODUCTS. I cannot imagine being a farmer and the cost of gas on this industry. The cost of the equipment is over 100 thousand dollars on one piece of equipment.Everything in our state is being destroyed by rising fuel cost! Our Governor, or CEO of the NC State Division of Highways needs to immediately step in and do what they were elected to do, turn around our economic stand in the United States of America.
    Our computer technology is suppose to turn our country cost around from taking days to contact someone to seconds. This is to save cost in all companies and cut time & cost, but all is still going up. I believe the increase should be credited to the rising Fuel and taxes to move products in OUR state.
    All companies that cannot afford to do business in North Carolina have changed their workers to Temporary workers so they wouldn’t Have to pay vacation or benefits, or just moved to another state.
    It is a bad day in History that AMERICAN’S(& A LONG LIST ABOVE) have to type on the computer to complain.
    In March of 2000 I was paying 1.35 per gallon for fuel and had money in the bank to send my daughters to college. Today I have to cut back to save money to drive to see my daughter in Cumberland county. Did I say Thank YOU

  • Virginia Davis

    Roads are being built we don’t need. (example) a new by pass off 321 going around Lenoir may be a mile from the by pass we already have going around Lenoir. Several buildings torn down for this bypass. Add up the cost and see how wasteful this one project is. We didn’t need the road . Who knows how many more projects like this are going on.

  • Alex

    So what are the stares plans for tracking how many miles from a car are actually traveled on a NC highway….. I travel back and forth out of state to see my daughter as well as travel long distances in other parts of the country so how are they going to check my milage traveled in and out of the state. ?

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