Signs posted in Louisiana neighborhood threaten to poison roaming pets

LOUISIANA — Pet owners in Louisiana are concerned after a sign was posted in their neighborhood threatening to poison animals.

According to KPLC, the sign was recently posted by a homeowner near a stop sign on Clifford Felice Road in Ragley warning residents to “contain your animals” and threatening to poison trash to prevent those animals from digging through her garbage.

The message caused an outrage among neighbors and even received a written response underneath the original sign saying “We in the country love our animals. The raccoons, possums and other wildlife can’t read your hateful sign.”

Several neighbors who own dogs and cats, says the sign was insensitive and believes animal cruelty is not a joke.

The Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office works in connection with animal control and says poisoning trash is not recommended to help animals stay away from trash cans.

The neighbor responsible for posting the sign told KPLC she did not poison her trash and claims she was simply aggravated.

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