Man and pet dog catch teens stealing mail

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SAN DEIGO, Calif. – A man and his pet pit bull caught a group of teenagers stealing mail from his front porch.

Chad Bear said he discovered his mail-order packages were coming up missing, so he decided to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearances.

Bear and his pit bull, Dozer, tucked themselves away on a neighbor's porch until the alleged thief showed up.

Some teenagers passed by and one of them walked up to the house and picked up the package.

Bear and his dog jumped out and called police.


  • nurse one

    good for them! In the process, I would be tempted to set a trap…like a band of rusty nails, but nowadays you do something like that to protect your property and the criminals can sue you. But hang a beware of dog sign out in plain sight and turn the dog on them wouldn’t be bad either. Either way, it seems the true victims end up persecuted while the thugs can keep going back stealing. I would say go get a job, but a good majority of ours are in China and Mexico. Hope they pay dearly for stealing from this man and his family.

  • Christopher Lee

    Another awesome example of what a good dog a pit bull can be. As a proud Pit owner I am elated to see them get ANY good press after being villified in the media so often. One of my favorite sayings is, “It is the deed, not the breed”. If people would only properly research the breed and not go on hearsay I think the overall opinion of the “vicious pitbull” would change.

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