‘Sky is falling’ video shows ominous clouds during thunderstorm

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A video posted to YouTube Friday showed some very ominous clouds that appeared to be “falling” as a system moved across Texas producing thunderstorms.

Voices can be heard during the video speculating on what if the descending clouds could be a tornado forming.

The video was shot in Spring, Texas and uploaded to YouTube by Daniel Brooks.

Here in the Piedmont, we may be seeing some ominous clouds of our own tomorrow, as thunderstorms are possible.

We do have a chance for severe thunderstorms in North Carolina Saturday.

The slight risk for tomorrow is for the eastern half of the state and brushes the eastern and southern counties of our coverage area. Damaging winds is the biggest threat. Isolated tornadoes could be possible.


  • its my business

    As many tornadoes that I have experienced, I would be in the basement about this time. I can deal with earthquakes, (sort of) – but when it comes to a tornado warning, get your bootockies inside. Let the experienced tornado chasers send you footage.

  • jessica

    I’m with you “its my business” ! If i had a basement or a storm shelter I’d stay there forever if we had any tornado warnings!

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