Angry employee leaves note for late boss: ‘Learn to be on time’

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — An employee at a BP gas station in Michigan left an angry note for his late boss, telling him he needed to “learn to be on time.”

“As you can see, the doors are locked.  I went home,” the note reads.  “Fire me if you must, but realize I walked due to YOUR negligence.”

The manager told FOX 17 she was running over an hour late because she “didn’t hear her alarm clock” and the third-shift employee never called her or any other employees prior to posting the note.

Full text of the note:

“Hey boss, learn to be on time or at least communicate when you are going to be late. +1 hour with no phone call is unacceptable. As you can see, the doors are locked. I went home. Fire me if you must, but realize I walked out due to YOUR negligence.”

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  • Heather Hurley Prescott

    I’m sure if he was an hour late to when it was time for the boss to go home, he’d be fired. As a former 3rd shirt worker, I can honestly say I would be livid if 1st shift was an hour late! Due to others treating me that way I show up at least 30 minutes early and if I’m going to be even 5 minutes late I call and explain and apologize

  • Victoria Lynch

    I doubt that someone would be that angry if this was just the first occurrence, usually it takes a couple of times.

    • teri carr

      What an assinine response you “contributed” there – both initially, and to the first person who replied to your comment. To intimate that because an employee demanded equal standards in working behaviours therefore notates merit of low-paying employment… you are simply demonstrating that you are woefully ignorant of 1) people; 2) economic reality; and 3) that you are just plain idiotic.
      T.C., Dublin, Ireland

  • Toni

    This is just excessive drama. Is it too difficult to call and find out what the problem is? I mean, really? We ALL have over-slept, or god-forbid had an emergency, or even started the day to discover our pet has had diarrhea all over the kitchen. What if the boss was home dying with a heart attack? Is it really too hard to call and communicate? Just look around, everyone, everywhere is always on the phone. This employee is a drama queen.

    • justin

      Lol funny you act like your lack of responsibility is justified. Im sure yhe LOTUS slept in thoe he had to go to meetings we would be livid. How is this any different. Please think before you type. Look at both sides not the narrow minded side you ‘ve been told to believe. Please be an adult and act that way.

    • Helen

      Not every manager leaves his/her home phone # with employees. The worker should have stayed…he’d have been pd overtime and,hopefully a bonus for loyalty

      • Tracey

        Maybe he would have been paid maybe not. Never the less it was not his responsability, what if he need to get his kids to school, or from the baby sitter, or perhaps had a second job. She may have created a domino effect. and it is obvious that this was not a first time. she was abusing her authority as the employer.

  • Hope

    Seems a bit excessive to me. I understand if it happened several times being really angry about it but there are plenty more productive ways to deal with it.

    At the same time, the manager took no real responsibility. Why should you expect your employees to call you?

    I would have called her but also reported to her supervisor that she is late again and I’m locking the doors because I can not stay.

    Otherwise this guy runs the risk of the manager claiming doors weren’t actually locked, money missing and it product. No chance I’d run that risk.

  • Debbie

    Id love to know if the employee was actually fired or not. Everyone can oversleep or run late from a variety of reasons but I think the real issue was the boss not caring enough for the employee to even bother to call. I can imagine the effect this had on the employee waiting to go home. Kids being late for school? Spouse late for ther job? Just think of how it would effect you if something like this happened to you and all the while not knowing when the boss is gonna be there.

  • chris

    The boss should be held to a higher standard. Unless there is a dire emergency or seriously sick or hurt, there is no excuse. On the other hand, the employee should have at least called once.

  • scholarlymama

    As the manager, she not only should have been on time, she should have been there at least a few minutes early. Unless there was a genuine emergency (accident, acute illness requiring hospital visit, etc.), it was HER responsibility to call to advise that she was running late.

    BTW, how old is this airhead manager that she sleeps through her alarm? I haven’t done that since high school. She sounds lazy and unprofessional. Hopefully the company will fire her trifling behind so she gets a dose of unemployment.

    • Silas Brooks

      Agreed! Also, She blames the employee for not calling her? That’s not the employee’s responsibility. (Although I would, out of curtesy) It makes me wonder who would make a 16 year old a manager?

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