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Woman shot by officer at Aberdeen Townhomes Tuesday pronounced dead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The woman shot by an officer at Aberdeen Townhomes in Greensboro has died, according to police.

Chieu-di Thi Vo, 47, was shot by Officer T.J. Bloch on Tuesday afternoon after she allegedly advanced at him with a knife. Bloch was responding to a dispute between Vo and another woman.

Following the shooting, Bloch requested EMS and began performing first aid on her. She was transported to Moses Cone Hospital.

Vo was pronounced dead at Moses Cone Hospital at approximately 1 p.m. Thursday.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has been requested to conduct the criminal investigation from this point forward.

That investigation will be reviewed with the Guilford County District Attorney.

The Greensboro Police Department’s Professional Standards Division will continue their investigation to determine compliance with departmental policies.

Bloch, who joined the department in 2008, will remain on administrative duty while the investigation is ongoing.


  • Jen

    Why shoot to kill? I mean I know she threatening with a knife, but, why not shoot her on the leg or an arm? smh

    • J

      Hitting a small moving target like an arm or a leg in a very high stress, life threatening situation is a thing of Hollywood. It has been proven time and time again that humans loose control of fine motor function in the stressful situations.

    • Coral

      Why not walk a mile in an officer’s shoes and you will understand why they shoot to kill. I bet you would do the exact same thing if you were this officer.

    • wayne swicegood

      Obviously you have never been in a high-stress life or death confrontation. For the safety of evryone involved a threat has to be stopped. It’s extremely difficult to even hit center mass when the adrenaline is pumping and you only have seconds to react. Aiming at a small area like a leg will get you killed. The drugs that people are on today will make them stop at nothing many times to resist arrest. Meth junkies are extremely aggressive and many times delusional.
      It’s sad the officer had to draw his weapon and shoot her but anyone coming at me with a knife would get the same from me.

    • Adam Z.

      Jen – officers don’t “shoot to kill”. They shoot to stop the threat. All adrenaline & motor skills issues (valid points) aside, there have been numerous studies as well as real-life experiences that will tell you that the fastest, most effective way to stop someone carrying out a lethal threat against you is to aim center-mass. In my opinion, advancing on an officer while holding a knife in a threatening manner is a good definition of committing what some would call “suicide by cop”.

  • Cripes_A_Mighty

    Really? With all the training our cops are given, can’t they figure out how to disarm a person without killing them? There are many places you can shoot someone that won’t result in death and at the same time, keep the officer safe. What about a stun gun?

    No, cops are too lazy and too stupid these days to do anything that resembles real law enforcement and we all pay the price. Protect and Serve was thrown out the window when the nations police forces turned into paramilitary units. By coincidence, my respect for law enforcement died about the same time.

    • Really?

      Sorry, if someone comes at me with a knife I’m willing to bet that they just don’t want to stab me in a small way. If anyone comes at you with a deadly weapon (gun, knife, car, whatever) they have some intent to kill you.

    • Triple Aught


      I absolutely agree.

      They have pepper spray Tasers and other means at their disposal.
      It would not be a very pleasant place to live without them, but as it is now, far too many officers seem to be trigger happy and all too ready to use deadly force. What happened to bean bags and rubber bullets?

      Of course you have heard of the 2012 Supreme Court Ruling that states that Officers are not here to protect us.

      So my guess is they are here to go flying past us on the highways,
      running 80+ MPH, and then write us tickets when we speed.
      Maybe they are just here to shoot us…(the vast majority of us being unarmed law abiding citizens), but that doesn’t matter much…

      There are only two reason someone would want to be a cop.

      One, They actually care and want to make a positive difference.

      Two, They are bullies who have sweet dreams of pulling that trigger.

      Today, it does seem as if over 90% fit the latter description.

      This will be brushed under the rug like it always is, and tomorrow will bring even more short lived stories such as this one.

      I have respect for the Law,
      I respect the Wants, Desires and Wishes of an Entire Nation.
      No where does it say that I have to respect the A hole wearing the badge, or the Silver Spoon fed Judge who is completely out of touch with the average person.

      Our General Assembly really needs to take a very close look at stories like this, as these instances do seem to be on the increase.

      Good Post by You…

  • news2me

    Police put their lives in danger every single day. I am thankful to all of the police and firemen…..
    If you come at someone with a knife, you are threatening a living human being…expect the person to defend themselves. PERIOD!!!

  • wizzard

    Whoe. We dnt know the all the details here yet. How big was the knife?how close was she to officer? Was he backed in a corner? Lets not judge right yet. At least he saved us tax dollars and may be someone elses life.

  • Cripes_A_Mighty

    Hey, it’s just a human life, no big deal. Better hope it never happens to someone you care about.

    • Triple Aught

      Don’t pay any attention to somebody who comes here and calls you names. That speaks volumes about that individual.

      The cop could have fired a warning shot.
      I mean, there are a whole list of things he could have done besides just drawing and firing….unless, of course, he was afraid, that would explain a lot in this particular situation, and many such others as well.
      To put it bluntly, we should not ever give a badge to a pansie.

      I have read through these comments. Some carry the weight of sanity, while some of the other comments are just down right juvenile.
      I would not want to be faced with a woman with a knife, but I’ll bet I could get it away from her without having to kill her.

      And not to forget the juveniles, you people need to remember,
      we pay them to be professional police officers.
      If they are not completely up to that,
      they need to find another line of work.

      • anom

        Just liking killing a “boxer puppy” that is running to or at you!! Or shooting a dog in it’s own yard because ‘you’ think it’s dangerous. I believe some officer abuse their authority.

      • Joust

        Warning shot? What planet do you live on? Go strap on the badge and gun ,big talker, then come back here and tell us what the cop SHOULD have done.

        Another keyboard commando.


      • Adam Z.

        Typically, firing a “warning shot” is tactically advisable only in television & movies, and it is almost always a bad idea in an urban/suburban area. Also, earlier someone suggested rubber bullets – another bad idea. The only time officers ever load up with rubber bullets is for crowd control during a riot situation. No officer carries a handgun loaded with rubber ammunition while on a typical shift. This woman was attempting to use lethal force against the officer, and the officer responded in kind.

  • Darrell Parks

    When someone comes at you with a knife just stand there and smile. Your family won’t miss you, just as this policeman’s family wouldn’t miss him if she had stabbed him.

  • jacobjudd

    Law enforcement and concealed carry classes both teach that a person armed with a knife is an existential threat if they are within 21 feet of you. In other words, a person with a knife within that distance can get to you and stab you before you have time to un-holster the firearm, draw and shoot.

    Shooting is not a “nonlethal” option. If you have to shoot, you shoot to kill. Tasers and and pepper sprays are used primarily to “control” people.

    • J

      Good points. Not to mention pepper sprays and tasers dont work 100% of the time. When an officer is getting attacked with a knife, its a poor time to try an option that only “might” work.

  • Georgey

    Do you guys know all the details? I’m not releasing my information but I will tell you this. This lady goes to my church. And she’s mentally handicapped. She didn’t have her medicine that day. It could’ve been prevented. But she wasn’t in the right state of mind. Think before you saying something. Know the details. Please.

  • Johnny

    Laughing at the mental maladies displayed here on the board. Someone rambling incoherently off at the mouth said spoon fed judge (blanket statement much) is out of touch with the “average” person. Yeah, if the average person breaks the law, ha, ha. Wow, just wow. This story and many of the comments posted show what the true problem today is and its: mental illness. It’s not the cops fault. Its too easy to blame the cops for having to kill one to defend another. He should have shot her big toe or used his jedi mind tricks. He should have pepper sprayed her so she swung the knife blindly he should have shot her with a taser so she fell over on top of the knife. Again, mental illnesses people. The cops being cops to be bullies is the most hilarious of all. If they enforce a law by gawd they’re a bully. Take your medication and go to bed.

    • justiceforall

      Ms. Monique jackson: next time you need assistance from police as your partner threatens to kill you or get rear-ended by another vehicle, or hear suspicious noise outside of your window – please refrain from calling 911 and have these so-called “pieces of shit” as you called them assist you. Everyone’s entitled to opinion but when it’s an angry and ignorant one – save your time from posting it and embarrassing yourself.

  • Brian

    It’s something how all these people have ways this could have been prevented…I would love to see them all in this situation. You can’t say, I would have done this way if you haven’t been in that situation. No where in this article does it tell us where he shot her anyways. But his life was in danger and he had to take the necessary steps. It is sad that she is now dead, but we all know better than to go after an officer with or without weapons. I am sure this lady has family who are grieving over this and prayers are going up for them. The same with that officer. Each day they leave their families and never know if they’ll see them again. Many are sure quick to be judgemental when a “cop” does something….but sure do call them when you are in danger. Instead of pointing fingers, pray for these families and the cop.

  • Yep

    “Hurr durr if you don’t like police choices don’t call them ever for anything” is almost as sophomoric as “They done do be shootin errrrbody they dun cuurrrrr”…Tools. Most of you.

  • nurse one

    After reading all these comments, yes, I can see all you guys’ points, and as a nurse working with mentally ill, we are taught how to deal with them. And no, we cannot use deadly force. I had one wrap a phone cord around my neck. We were taught how to defend ourselves without causing harm to our patients. Depending on the situation of course…really? I have disarmed a mental patient with a knife. A male cop vs a female insane person? I wasn’t there so I will not throw stones, but I have been in some pretty bad situations and I never had to kill anyone. Our protecters need to be more educated about mental illness. You people have no idea!

    • J

      You forget that when the police are called, its because the person is not responding to their caretakers. How can you expect this officer, who has never met her in his life, to deal with her better than her own mother? Does the officer try to talk her out of stabbing her mother? what if it doesn’t work? Then you would criticize the police for not taking action. Think before you throw stones.

    • nurse one

      Not made up buddy. Over 25 years of nursing, I have pretty much seen it all. I didn’t say they were not justified, just more education would be nice. If you go into a situation with no idea the person is sick, then you don’t know. But having a little more knowledge could be useful in some situations.

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