Two students charged after stun gun activated at West Stokes High School

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KING, N.C. — Two students have been charged after deputies say one of them activated a stun gun at West Stokes High School Thursday in attempts to scare another student.

Both an 18-year-old and 17-year-old face charges of misdemeanor possession of a weapon on campus.

Deputies say the the second student charged is the one who brought the gun to the school in King.

The gun was seized and no injuries were reported.

Officials say there was no fight prior to the incident.

Both students were cited, but not sent to jail.


    • Thomas

      Well go ahead and go cry to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, William Barber, and the rest of the black hoodies in the NAACP and boycott Stokes County. I’ve been looking for a reason to find a more white-friendly location after years of social engineering (and years of higher crime, more poverty, and overall decadence/decline) in Guilford and Forsyth, so please boycott!

  • rembrandt

    If they were sent to jail it could help them down the road. Yet another missed opportunity by our school systems.

  • marie

    Because it happened on school campus and a stun gun is weapon they both should have been arrested. School has signs posted at doors into building of no weapons on school property or you will be arrested and charged. So if a student has a weapon in their car and the school resource office searches the car will the student be arrested?? Last year a 16 year old boy from the same school was arrested, taken to jail and charged for pulling the fire alarm at the end of the school year before 7am.

    • marie

      The school handbook also states a no weapon policy on school property and that it would lead to arrest and charges as well as being expelled for remainder of school year. If the county prints the handbook it should be implemented on all children in the county school the same.


    Okay dumbasses. Dorin Johnson is a 17 year old African-American and Tab Oakley is a white 18 year old. They are both football stars for West Stokes. Dorin Johnson is a Divsion 1 athlete. signed with NC State. And a junior. Only reason he didn’t get arrested was for football. This comes froma West stokes student

  • Debbie

    I’ve read numerous stories of children as young as 5 and 6 years old being suspended and/or expelled for some of the smallest things tgis year, but these 2 get off with a warning? Where is the ZERO tolerance for weapons rule here?

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