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Tiny dog guards food bowl against big dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

This is too cute. A tiny dog defends its food against a much larger dog in this viral YouTube video.

YouTube description:

“Sadie is doing a good job of keeping Foxey away from his food bowl. They say it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” 


    • CJ Dame

      This is not funny or cute. It the way that a puppy turns into a defensive, reactive, aggressive dog that guards all kinds of resources. How funny will it be when there are big emergency room bills for dogs or humans that get too close to Sadie’s resources later in life. This owner needs to put down the camera and pick up a book on dog behavior or, better yet, find a clicker-based trainer to fix the damage that is already underway.

      • John

        I have dogs and cats, but I would never allow this. It isn’t cute, it a small animal being subjected to great stress that has no place in a loving home.

  • Lana Zemler

    It may look cute but, that little dog is protecting her food and if a small child were to get near she would attack ! She needs to be taught to not to guard her food. Even a small bite can hurt a child. But it is a cute video.

  • JenM

    Goodness – so much negativity. Enough with the “it’s cute but” nonsense. Enjoy the cuteness and lighten up! LOVE this! :D

    • Cherie

      Yes we can all think how cute this is now. But eventually it wont be cute and this puppy will be at risk of being put down because no one can tolerate her vicious behavior.

  • Jenn

    It’s not cute. Not at all. The big dog is adorable with her attempt to play with the nasty little puppy, but if that behavior isn’t corrected, that little dog is going to bite someone and then we’ll all see another dog bite story on the news and dogs will once again be villianized in the media because of irresponsible owners finding aggression to be cute.

  • Erin

    Food aggression is never cute, even in a little dog. I hate it when people praise small dogs for the same behaviors that would be admonished in a larger dog.

    • Elsa

      I agree with you completely Erin and everyone else commenting in a similar fashion. I was working with an animal behavourist on a regular basis when I had three Rotties. Although I was aware that they were well socialised and not at all aggressive, I had to be on top of them. Anyone “rushing” any dog is likely to be met with a reaction, and I didn’t need to be accused of housing aggressive dogs – which they weren’t. For the people who tell us it’s “cute” and we should “lighten up” – these are the behaviours which are not curbed in the dogs which attack you or your children when you’re playing at the park. That smaller dog is on its way to becoming a very dangerous dog. Next time it will be a child, and the dog will be euthanised. Nothing cute in that. Each dog should have been given its own food bowl – separated by a door if necessary. Linda – post further up – you need some animal behaviour training for your shih tzu immediately. It may be OK with your grand daughter now but if you leave your grand daughter alone with the dog, she’ll be another statistic.

  • LACathcart

    This is cute for a little 90 second video but in the end encouraging behavior like this is not good in the long run.

  • Lisa

    Since the owners are reinforcing food aggression as an acceptable behavior, it will be their fault when she is ultimately killed by animal control or the police after attacking a person. It’s a shame this innocent dog will pay the price for her owners stupidity and lack of responsible pet ownership.

  • Saundra

    Sorry to be a downer, but this is not cute at all. Dogs that end up in shelters (and too many do) are put to sleep for exibiting this behaviour.

  • Molly

    I agree with most all of the posts – food aggression is not cute – ever – and this needs to be corrected asap. It’s not a good future for the pup with this behavior. I see dogs at the shelter I volunteer at with resourse guarding, and it is NOT a good thing. Please bring your puppy to a reputable positive trainer and work on this negative behavior.

  • CB

    My God thats terrible. You have created an aggressive dog. How can you think that this is cute. Let me tell you a story that has caused me to rethink ever having an animal again until such a time that I can be certain that I would not have to part with it. I had a wonderful little chinese crested puppy at one time that I dearly loved. She was a tiny little thing and an absolute sweetheart. Unfortunately I had to rehome her due to unexpected changes in my life. It was very difficult to part with her but I placed her with a young family who I thought was ideal for her. To my horror they contacted me 10 days later to tell me that they couldnt keep her because their 3 yr old daughter was severely abusing her and if I didnt pick her up their daughter would probably end up killing her. I picked the puppy up immediately.She was so happy to see me and my heart just broke with sadness for sending her to such terrible situation.

    The darling little girl was nothing like the puppy that she had been. She was horribly aggressive not letting anyone near her but me. She was particularly aggressive toward children. Fortunately for her I was eventually able to find her a home without children. It has been over a year and no amount of training has helped her to not be aggressive. Many aggressive dogs are not so lucky and have to be destroyed because there is no situation that can be found to compensate for their aggressive behaviour. You might think that your dog is cute now, but that will change when you grow tired of her aggression. You must also realize that should you have circumstances that would cause you to have to find your dog another home as I did, your dog would not be a good candidate for rehoming. Just saying.

  • Linda

    Some of you people need to lighten up. Geeze. I have an 8 b shih tzu that guards her food against my 80 lb Komodor pup. Yet, she lets my grand daughter near her food. She is the furthest thing from aggressive except with the other dog when food is concerned. Not every situation is alike.

    • CJ Dame

      The little dog looks like a Jack Russell Terrier, a breed that is genetically prone to aggression issues. This reinforces a very undesirable behavior. Not good at all.

    • Paula

      Linda, I’m sorry to say that you are likely setting your little dog and your granddaughter up for disaster. I sincerely hope your granddaughter will not be injured and your little dog will not be killed because he/she has bitten the child. Letting children around a dog while eating is poor judgement.

  • Roberta

    I sure hope the owner does not promote this behavior. Aggressive dogs are never a good thing, big or small they can due serious harm.

  • william

    Agreed this is not funny and shows an ignorant dog owner. People who think this is “cute” are also showing their ignorance and treat dogs like humans. They are not, and even though dogs are smart they don’t understand certain things, and much of their behavior is programmed and instinctual. I have a friend with a dog lot with dogs from 40 to 4 pounds. The 4-lb dog is extremely aggressive because he HAD to be due to the rough-housing and bullying the larger dogs would do.

    The little dog must be trained that aggression is unacceptable. Would it be as funny if it were an 80lb rottweiler? No, it wouldn’t and the small dog is exactly the same in it’s mind as a bigger dog.

    The video plainly shows that dogs do NOT care about size, so that dog is showing serious behavioral issues as it’s doing things we would not tolerate with larger dogs.

    See a good site and article on small dogs here

    • caitjade

      there were no cats in the bible either.. so they must be evil too. People like you give a bad name to Christians

    • RCG

      Sorry Faith but you are wrong and need to consult your bible. Dogs and their masters are talked about in Matt. 17. And dogs are frequently spoken of throughout the Bible. Need to get you a good Concordance and look up the word Dogs.

    • Paula

      Faith, there are 40 references in the bible to dogs. And just FYI, dogs and swine are two different species, and neither one happens to be filthy.

  • EJN

    There is nothing cute in this video . The small dog is in appropriate and given this behavior is not corrected it will hurt a human and end up being put down

  • GoddessOdd

    Interesting how many folks of the “lighten up” variety seem to know absolutely nothing about dogs. This video exists ONLY to gratify that type human. A responsible person would have give each dog a bowl of food, and not created the aggressive snappy little monster that Sadie will be soon. A dog lover would NEVER have made this video, for the enjoyment of others.

    • Adam

      Have you seen the rest of this person’s home? How do you know the larger dog doesn’t have their own bowl of food in another room, or in the same room for that matter? You have absolutely no idea what it’s like for these dogs except for the 2 minutes they’re being video taped. Promise me you’ll never become a doctor or a scientist because you clearly don’t know you can’t tell anything with such a small sample size.

  • Pete

    The owners are idiots and don’t deserve to have pets if they are so clueless as to the future problems this little twerp will unleash on them

  • Michelle R.

    “Sadie is doing a good job of keeping Foxey away from his food bowl.” Unless I am following this sentence wrong…. It seems to me that Sadie is the aggressive little dog……..but Foxey is only trying to eat HIS FOOD. So not only is the owner encouraging food aggression and bad behavior in the little bratty dog, but the older Foxey is getting a bad deal and not able to eat from his own bowl. I feel very sorry for that dog… :( People are so ignorant, and I am so very glad to see that the vast majority of people commenting realize what a bad situation this is for both dogs.

  • Paula

    This is a good video to illustrate the serious problems even a little dog can have. The behavior from the little dog is 100% unacceptable and if not corrected, will become a big problem as the puppy matures. It is this kind of behavior that causes dogs to be dumped at shelters or euth’d by personal vet. I run a rescue and I cannot stress enough how much this is NOT CUTE and is instead, a serious problem that needs to be corrected.

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