Mom arrested after drinking and breastfeeding at restaurant

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CONWAY, Ark. — A woman was arrested and charged with child endangerment after she allegedly breastfed her baby while drinking alcohol at a restaurant in Arkansas, according to ABC News.

Tasha Adams, 28, has three children, ages 6 years, 2 years and 8 months. She lives in Toad Suck, Ark., a dry town.

Adams was in Conway for a funeral when she and her family stopped to eat dinner. She said she had “two beers” and breastfed her baby while at the restaurant, according to the report.

An off-duty waitress, who had showed up early for an after-hours meeting, reported Adams to management but was told the manager already decided not to “cut off” the woman.

After discussing the incident with her mom, the waitress decided to call police.

“And they said, ‘Ma’am, we’ve got a report that you were drinking alcohol while breastfeeding,’” Adams told ABC News. “I said, ‘OK, I didn’t know that was illegal.’”

Adams was correct. It’s not illegal to breastfeed and drink alcohol. However, Adams admitted to police she had two drinks and she was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child.

The waitress told ABC she was fired as a result of the incident.

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  • DollaDollaBill$

    Sorry mother for sure. Does she not know where that alcohol is being filtered to? This obviously was not her first time doing this and now the child will suffer the consequences of their poor parents.

    • Adam

      How ignorant of you to judge her. If you honestly believe she deserved to be arrested after drinking TWO beers then you are out of your mind. Two beers or a glass of wine will cause ZERO harm to a breastfed child. I have two children of my own and my wife drank a glass of wine each night. Our doctor said it was 100% safe. Believe me, I made sure to ask. Those cops should just go down to the hood instead and spend 20 minutes there. Im sure they would have a field day with neglectful moms.

    • Jameson

      your mom must have smoked crack while pregnant with you for you to have turned out so stupid, Brain damage occured i guess, the only sorry one here is you, get a life and worry about yoursef instead of sitting in judgment of others that isn’t doing nothing wrong.

      • nurse one

        uggg…when you were a child, what was the alcohol content in your medicine? much more than 2 beers? hope you were not brain damaged by all that!

      • Triple Aught

        Why don’t you go plant some flowers.
        Do anything, just do something positive instead of trolling for cuss fights.

      • dewey

        @ nurse one…..they are the same ones whose cribs were painted white…prolly had 4 or 5 layers of paint…so much the rails wouldn’t go up and down

    • Ashley

      Wow! You are horribly wrong! Drinking a couple of beers while you’re breastfeeding will NOT harm a child at ALL. INFACT the hops in beer is known to help a breastfeeding mother produce lots of breastmilk for their baby. This kind of ignorance should not be tolerated.

      • FaithC

        I do feel had at the same time though. Get this lady a good ranch with some cattle. She and her husband could protect themselves with guns. No one would know about the beer. Praise Jeesus.

    • Smack004

      That beer did not go directly to her mammary glands. Perhaps you should take time out of your judgment schedule to educate yourself before making a fool of yourself….again.

    • dewey

      it’s not like it’s going directly from her mouth straight to the teat….they would lose their minds in Germany or France

  • breastmilkmomma

    I agree breastisbest. I have two children, one currenly 9 months old and I drink a beer occasionally. I have the alcohol strips to test my milk with and even after drinking 3 beers, my milk has NEVER tested positive for alcohol. I think it takes a lot more drinking then just a few drinks for alcohol to show up in your milk. Besides, if you are drinking, it takes a few hours to pass into the breastmilk IF you drink enough to do so. This woman was hit with some obsurd charges.

  • Michelle

    I don’t agree with the arrest but as a parent if there was something no matter how small it is that can hurt my child then I would stay away from it. Is it really worth the chance?

  • news2me

    If it is not illegal and she was not drunk, then why did they arrest her?

    Guess some towns can make up their own laws.

  • meandmine

    A little beer…a little second hand smoke…who REALLY knows how much damage can be done. Illegal or not…bad choice.

  • Hatter

    People are so ignorant. Drinking a couple of beers while breastfeeding will not harm the child. What idiot thinks beer (or anything else) goes directly from your mouth into your milk ducts? Stupid little waitress that had to call her clearly-as-stupid mommy after she had already reported this nothingness to the restaurant’s management — I’m glad she got fired. Idiot cops need to be fired too for trumping up some other charge just to show that they could.

  • rembrandt

    Glad the waitress got fired nosy you know what, if she paid ad much her own life maybe she’d be abc commissoner by now.

  • Cecil

    On LLL website, they actually recommend drinking a beer a day to keep up your Breast Milk supply. So what if she drank 2 beers? The waitress should have minded her own business. The mom wasn’t putting cocaine up her nose or smoking marijuana, she drank 2 beers. What if she was engorged when she arrived at the restaurant? Because it takes awhile for anything you eat or drink to be “made” into milk.

    • nurse one

      Cecil, you are correct. Even though it may have not been “socially” acceptable, 2 beers are no harm. How dare us judge what that woman was going through. When I was growing up, most all pediatric medicines contained large amounts of alcohol. I am sure that was much more than a couple of beers and breast milk. My generation was was exposed to all of that…and we didn’t shoot up schools or have an austism spectrum disorder rate of 1:68.

  • Jameson

    that’s what happens when you judge someone else and stick your nose in someone else’s business, you get fired or something bad happens, ZBitch should have gotten fired, it wasn’t none of business to begin with, she just wanted to cause drama, and 2 beers is not enough to hurt anyone, and all the people that judge her and others, you are the idiots, not her

  • George

    Kudos to the waitress just cause everyone thinks it’s ok doesn’t make it ok.

    Just cause it may be medically ok doesn’t make it ok to do it. If the drink was THAT important then wait till u get home.

    Oh and wait not EVERYONE wants to see u breast feed your kid as they eat and drink. Show a little more discretion and maybe excuse yourself feed the kid and then drink your beers. Maybe then the rest of us won’t have to read about this in the news and a hard working waitress lose her job for having a social conscious.

  • Kimberly Connell

    It is amazing how much the uneducated close minded idiots of this world like to stick their noses into everyone else’s lives and try to dictate their ignorant views on the rest of the world.

  • George

    The moment you bear your breast and drink a beer in public it’s no longer a private moment nor just your own business. It has nothing to do with education level or ignorance. Even the most basic educated can know modesty or be taught to show some.

  • George

    Most individuls wouldn’t stick their nose into other folks business if those individuals would not blatantly flaunted or expose it to others in public. Want to enjoy your beer and feed your kid at same time. Do it with your friends or in privacy of your own home. I like to pee in the woods but I don’t do it outside a restaurant in public.

    Oh wait and if I did I would not be surprised if someone called cops and I was arrested.

    • Jameson

      you probably would be arrested for indecent exposure, witnesses would be like, yes sir officer, I can describe it, it looked like a dick, only smaller. lol

  • Ashley

    Drinking a couple of beers while you’re breastfeeding will NOT harm a child at ALL. INFACT the hops in beer is known to help a breastfeeding mother produce lots of breastmilk for their baby. This kind of ignorance should not be tolerated.

  • Jameson

    you probably would be arrested for indecent exposure, witnesses would be like, yes sir officer, I can describe it, it looked like a dick, only smaller. lol

  • Ronda

    Arresting a woman for drinking a couple of beers, which is not illegal, is only going to encourage a police state. Is that what we want? The waitress needed to be fired; the restaraunt doesn’t need a lawsuit. And the mother who was arrested could sue. Does anyone know their rights? Does anyone have any intelligence? There are more harmful ingredients in our drinking water, food, baby formula, medicines, etc, etc

  • Colleen

    All of you that have judged her, better not be consuming, candy, cookies, chips, ice cream, or soda! Excess sugar consumption passes to the nursing child and can cause diabetes and obesity. So, by all means, pass on that beer but you better turn down your coke and desserts as well.

  • Jennifer Reynolds

    No one is in a position to judge this mom. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics admits an occasional drink while breast feeeding is not likely harmful to the baby. If I think it’s wrong for a child’s mom to spank her in public, or smoke a cigarette around her, or feed her morbidly obese child fast food, should I feel entitled to call the police on her? These things are not illegal in this state and neither is moderate drinking while breastfeeding. Whether people think it’s wrong or not, it’s no one’s business. Just because you may disagree with someone’s parenting action does not make it ok to cause a problem for her. The waitress wasn’t even working that night and had no way of knowing the whole story, She never even claimed to actually SEE what or how much the mom drank, she just saw the bartender make them and saw the glasses in front of the lady and apparently assumed she knew everything. Ms Adams’ parents were there with her, what if it was THEIR drinks she saw? The lady says she had two beers in the night and I find that believable. The waitress went to her manager about it, which was fine if she was concerned, and the manager apparently decided it wasn’t their business and leave it alone. She went over his head and called the cops anyway, causing a problem for the lady and the establishment. That’s why she was fired, she over stepped her bounds. Whether she thought she was right or not, it wasn’t her place. It would have been different if there had been an immediate/imminent risk of harm, like a mom beating her child, or attempting to drive drunk with her, but that wasn’t the case. The appropriate person in charge here had already decided how the situation should be handled and she should have left it alone.

  • Karen Eichinger

    I’m glad no one reported me when I ordered virgin drinks in restaurants while breastfeeding my 4 kids. lol they look like the real thing. Even drank non alcoholic beer, which still has some alcohol, but looks just like real beer. I drank a very occasional single glass of wine, but fed the babies first, so I’;d have a couple hours for it to be out of my system before having to feed again,. or i’d pump a bottle. I agree with the nurse, I’m an older Mom and my Mom did and was given much worse while pregnant with my sisters and me.

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