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Greensboro considering banning saggy pants on city buses

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Greensboro city officials are considering a new rule when it comes to pants on public transportation -- pull ‘em up or find another ride.

A bus rider complained to city council earlier this month about seeing too many saggy pants while riding the city's buses.

City officials have drafted a proposal banning saggy pants from city buses.

"We want people to feel comfortable, so we are looking at it as more of a decency policy," said Sharon Hightower, Greensboro city council member.

The proposal against saggy pants defines saggy pants as "the waistbands of the pants, skirts, shorts and/or swim trunks shall not be worn more than three inches below the wearer's waist."

"A lot of people are ridiculous with it. You see their underwear. You see the crack of their butt. You don’t want to see that," says Lisa Haynes, a bus rider.

But Tia Wheeler is not in favor of the proposed rule.

"I think it’s a bad idea. It’s kind of like saying you can’t wear your jacket inside out," Wheeler said.

Riders who violate the rule will be asked to pull their pants up and keep them up while on the bus. If the rider refuses they won't be allowed back on any city buses for the rest of the day.

If it happens again, the violator will be banned from the city buses for 30 days.

The proposal could be talked about in the next council meeting.


  • GC

    Good, nobody wants to see a thug wannabes rear end or underwear while they try to imitate someone who spent time in prison. One of the dumbest trends I know of.

  • Brittius

    The saggy pants style started in prisons, where male prostitutes would advertise they were available by wearing their pants pulled down and walking with saggy pants. Let them parade around like male homosexual prostitutes, it must be what they are.

    • GC

      That’s why I wish some of my students at school knew they were imitating prisoners. Very few of them know where the trend started, and when I tell them, they don’t believe me.

      • Brittius

        I am a retired Detective Sergeant. The information is truthful and accurate. Try to instill into your students if they are capable of understanding, that every generation does make sacrifices to have the next generation go just a little bit further than they did, and that generation will do the same for those following them. It’s about building Character, not ending up as a mug shot photograph in the news, wearing an orange jumpsuit. They should want, that, which builds them up, and not saggy pants, that will only drag them down into the gutter. If they do not believe you, then life will have some unpleasant surprises awaiting them. Best of Luck with your students.
        PS: Thank you, for being a teacher. I was a street kid in New York City, and a street fighter. Teachers smartened me up, then I had enough Character to enlist in the Marine Corp. Education is a two-way street. You can only do so much, and the student, must meet you half way.

  • Savannah

    I really don’t care to see people’s rear ends hanging out of their pants either. Not to mention the fact that it has to be somewhat tiresome for someone to have to hold on to their pants all day so they don’t drop to their ankles. :)

  • Mark Stabler

    Another rule/law that will be impossible to enforce. The driver has more to do than regulate the clothing of the riders. And I certainly hope law enforcement officers in Greensboro have more important task than telling people to pull up their pants.

    • Dianne

      I see it as an attitude not a trend. The ones that do it know they are disgusting and dare you to say anything. It is very offensive and gangish looking. I don’t think less of them I just wonder how they feel about their own lives. But then when you grow older and look back at yourself…sometimes you just have to laugh and shake your head. We all do!

  • Chuck

    I think it’s funny this story ran after a story about a high school kid getting sent home for wearing a confederate pride tshirt. What if the bus riders wore confederate flag underwear? Would y’all be okay with it then?

    Besides, I don’t think the bus system can afford to turn anyone away.

  • sucko

    this will starts fights with the drivers once the bus driver starts to demand they pull there pants up really with all the problems in gboro pants???????im pullin my pants down nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • NobodyAtAll

      Yes.. Pull your pants up or stay in the house, or the car, or the jail..It shows that the only attention one can draw to themselves is negative attention..Is it for lack of self respect, lack of self esteem or ingenuity, all of the above? And since 1947 monkeys have been going into space..Hmmmm, wonder why..

  • Michelle

    I do not want to see confederate underwear or ANY underwear or butt crack thank you. I consider that indecent exposure. And I can’t wait for FaithC to make her usual stupid comments.

  • fisher

    There should be a zero tolerence on anything worn below the waist…baggy pants… should come under the indecency law…a Fine..butt, no pun intended, the council will not have the B—s, to enact a fi e or anythin else…Oh, if they do this on public transportation, the wont be able to ride for the rest of the day…Gosh..such a harsh punisment…Were are the Vigalanties…where’s Charles Bronson when we need him..

  • knp

    I completely DISAGREE with this. I don’t care for saggy pants either, but making this rule is going TOO far. We all know what group this targets (look at the picture). You could easily just not look at them. There are plenty of things that I find “indecent” or that makes me “uncomfortable” (CONFEDERATE FLAG ON SHIRTS) but do you see people making rules to make me more comfortable? NO! This is just as ignorant as saying “lets ban rainbow flip flops because no one wants to see your ugly feet, it makes me uncomfortable”. IGNORANT. The saggy pants is NOT what is making this person uncomfortable. I would’ve respected this person more if they had been blunt with it and simply stated “the black man makes me uncomfortable”. This is a simple way to get them off the city buses, because not too many are gonna pull up their pants because people are complaining about it.

    • Bigger Picture

      You do realize that not only black men wear their pants well below their waistlines with their underpants and behinds hanging out, right? People of all races and ethnicities take part in doing so. Men and women both. We are not allowed to walk around in just boxers or bras and panties or naked because it is considered indecent exposure. Walking around with underwear and body parts exposed is essentially the same thing. Either everyone should be allowed to wear what they want (or don’t want to), how they want, or rules should be put in place that every person must follow. Period. Perpetuating the “race card”, racial stereotypes only makes racial profiling worse.

      • knp

        Obviously people of all races wear sagging pants, but I’m sure you also realize that the majority of people that do are black males (as it a fashion in the black community…I would know, I’m also black). And obviously, one can’t walk around naked or in bras and underwear, neither of which is comparable to sagging pants as one is clearly clothed. If you support banning sagging pants would you also support banning low cut shirts on women? That’s indecent exposure right? No one wants to see breasts? Would you support banning short shorts or skirts? No one wants to see your butt. Would ban belly shirts, tight jeans etc? That’s indecent exposure right? I could go on for days. The bus system has no right to tell someone how to wear their clothes, PERIOD. As far as pulling the race card, just because you don’t understand my perspective and disagree with me doesn’t mean I’m pulling the race card. As far as racial stereotypes, tell that to the media (look at the video accompanying this article).

    • JT

      You are dead on, knp–you need but read the racist drivel that spews forth on this site to know who these people are. This “ban” is a thinly veiled attempt at institutionalized racism–no more, no less. And yes, the same ignorant red necks would be howling “it ain’t hatred, it’s heritage” if you proposed a ban on their beloved stars and bars. Just wish they knew the only Confederate flag that means anything was the white one they raised at the end of the war…

  • GC

    I try to explain a lot of things to them that I think they don’t understand, either because they think I’m full of it, or they just don’t care. There are very, very few of them who I would say are actually bad apples, but a lot of the good kids follow stupid trends. A lot of them will probably grow out of it, at least I hope so. You’re right that every generation sacrifices for the future generations though, most of their parents worry to death about them, and it seems like a lot of the kids really don’t care. I hope I can make a difference for at least some of them, so they want have to hit a wall when they get into the real world. It saddens me to see so many kids with no ambition and no real goals in life. Thank you as well for your work as a detective, I have respect for our law enforcement officers as well, I have several friends who are in law enforcement, and it amazes me to hear some of the stories they tell.

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