Georgia teen spends $31k wrongly deposited into his bank account; bank wants money back

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ATHENS, Ga. — A bank wrongly deposited $31,000 into a Georgia teenager’s bank account, who then went on a spending spree and pocketed over $20,000 in cash.

Now, the bank is asking for the money back.

The erroneous deposit happened on March 7 when a Madison County man went into a First Citizens Bank in Athens and made a $31,000 deposit.

Because there were several people by the same name with accounts at the bank, the teller accidentally deposited the money into the wrong account, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

On March 17, the victim called the bank and reported the money was missing from his account. Following an investigation, the bank determined the money had been deposited into an 18-year-old’s account who had withdrawn at least $20,000 and spent over $5,000 on his ATM card, according to the report.

The 18-year-old entered the bank on March 18 attempting to withdraw more money from the account, but a teller informed him of the bank’s mistake. The 18-year-old told the teller the money was from an inheritance.

A deputy went to the teen’s home where he again insisted the money came from his grandmother’s estate. The deputy informed the teen the bank wants the money as soon as possible. The teen told the deputy he would go to the bank and settle the matter without going to the jail, however he never showed up.

Banking officials told investigators last week if they don’t receive the money they will prosecute, according to the report.

As of Thursday, no charges have been filed.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald


  • Nellie

    I’ve been on both sides of this debate. I had money deposited in my account that didn’t belong to me. When I realized the error I called the bank and told them. I was told I would have to wait to the person that the money belongs to realizes their money is missing. It took six months and guess what I did not touch the money. It wasn’t mine. And that reason I didn’t was because I deposited a check years before that into my account and somehow the teller transposed the numbers and the money went into someone else’s account. Once I could prove by canceled check that my money was missing from my account the rep saw that the person whose account my money was put in was taking out money every which way. Yes the bank teller made a mistake but someone else shouldn’t benefit from that mistake. It’s called unjust riches.


    Wow, scary to think that those of you that stated its the banks fault also think it was right to take money that was not the teens to spend or the teen had the right to spend money that wasn’t his. That’s like saying if you were at someone’s house that you knew and they left 1,000 laying around, that you would have a right to take it because they left it out? Really, what kind of world do we live in that you would think that any of that was right on the teens part? Though the bank made a mistake, that doesn’t make it right to take something that wasn’t yours in the first place!….GROW UP PEOPLE!! Don’t do to others, things that you wouldn’t want done to yourself.

  • Billy Bob

    I can’t believe some of the comments I have read here. This “kid” is a thief short and sweet. When confronted by police he claimed it was an inheritance.and added he would contact the bank to straighten things out. Guess what? He never showed up. No surprise here.
    The bank made a mistake but it was an honest mistake. There is a pretty good chance that the teller will lose his/her job because of this mistake.
    This “kid” knew the money wasn’t his and he hit it as soon as he realized it was there. In the eyes of the law he’s not a kid and he will have a felony conviction to deal with. Anyone who sympathizes with him or his plight is an idiot.

  • KaPaw

    I saw this dude’s aunt being interviewed by a news reporter. Without question, she was a big inspiration in his life and at least partly responsible for his high moral and ethical standards

  • Tiffany

    Am I the only one to notice… This person is 18. Which makes them an adult. Let them Learn the adult lesson.

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