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Two arrested after pizza delivery man robbed of pizza, money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Glennwood Avenue in Greensboro (Google)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A pizza delivery man told police he was on a delivery run when he was robbed of the pizza and money Tuesday night in Greensboro.

Two were charged in the incident.

Police say the Dominos Pizza delivery man was making a delivery to a home on Glennwood Avenue around 10:55 p.m., but the resident said he had not ordered a pizza.

As the delivery man was walking back to his vehicle, he was approached by a man and woman who held up a gun and demanded money.

The suspects took the pizza and an undisclosed amount of money and fled the area.

Police were able to track down the two quickly. They are in custody and charges are pending.

Their identities were not released.


  • Thomas

    And if Domino’s stops delivery into certain neighborhoods due to excessive robberies and other violent crimes, they are then called “racist”.

  • FaithC

    That is right. They will be called racist.
    See if the ones calling the names are willing to go to certain Greensboro neighborhoods. Bet they won’t.

  • ChrisP

    I lived on Lexington and Glenwood and this stuff happens way too often. I was always concerned for my personal belongings AND safety in that area and it had nothing to so with race.

  • amazedatthenews

    Now I know alot if delivery guys are young, but lately I have seen more ADULTS delivering, as well as quite a few woman. These drivers need to take the training offered by the state and learn to protect themselves. Delivery drivers are targeted wwaayy to often, and won’t be long before one gets hurt. Rediculous how the hard working people become targets…

    • nurse one

      Luckilly, I work in a gun free zone..choke easy target zone. I am highly trained in firearms. Kinda like nukes, you have them but never need to use them. I can bleed from my heart, but some people are abscent from their brains. I grew up with guns all my life. None of us or others during my time shot up schools, malls..etc. The world is becoming insane. I protect myself thank you. Deal with the insanes. Commen sense? left the building like Elvis.

  • Will Grant

    Since the robbers aren’t juveniles (at least the story implies that they aren’t), why were the identities not released?

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