Long winter means tougher allergy season for Piedmont

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FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. -- Allergy immunologists at Allergy Partners of the Piedmont expect excessive pollen counts thanks to lingering winter weather and moisture.

Dr. Elizabeth Scannell said that the Kernersville branch office has been full of patients recently trying to attack their allergy symptoms before they begin.

Dr. Scannell said that extra moisture in the air and a longer winter will contribute to high amounts of pollen production.

"We know that there’s going to be an end to winter at some point and when that happens and the temperatures rise the pollen production and release is going to be abrupt," Dr. Scannell said. "So the pollen counts are probably going to go from low and moderate to extremely high very quickly."

In addition to over the counter medications for symptoms, Dr. Scannell suggests day time activities in the later afternoon, wearing a mask for yard work and taking a shower to wash away pollen from the outdoors.

"If you’re still symptomatic or you’re just getting tired of taking those medications then you know probably allergy shots are your answer,” Scannell said

Dr. Scannell said that one in five people suffer from allergies and asthma development is directly related to severe allergy symptoms, so do not wait to see an allergy physician if they persist.