Guilford Co. Animal Shelter busy with dogs from suspected puppy mills

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Staff workers at the Guilford County Animal Shelter have had their hands full for the past two weeks cleaning and caring for more than 50 abused dogs brought in from suspected puppy mills.

"It breaks my heart,” said the shelter’s executive director, Marsha Williams. “It breaks my heart so much."

On March 12, the shelter took in 26 poodles from a suspected puppy mill in Iredell County. On Monday, 31 Australian sheep dogs were rescued from a registered sex offender’s home in Hertford County.

"Broken limbs, missing limbs -- the animals had sores and all kinds of feces all over them," Williams said.

Nursing the animals back to health isn't an easy job.

First, the animals are placed in the shelter's trauma building, separate from their general population of dogs.

Once at the shelter, they're examined, cleaned and given medicine.

The Australian sheep dogs brought in from Hertford County mainly suffered from being malnourished, according to the shelter’s on-site veterinarian, Lynn DiMarco.

"They're very thin to emaciated," DiMarco said. "A lot of tumors like in the mouths."

Aside from cleaning the dogs and their cages, the biggest step in their recovery process is showing the dogs a little love.

"We're constantly touching them, talking to them in calm voices, singing to them sometimes, giving them hugs even though they're yucky,” Williams said. “We let them know that we care."

Williams says some of the dogs will be ready for adoption by April 1.


  • Paul

    yea, im sure it breaks Williams’ heart. Just more $$$ and publicity. Maybe she can buy her daughter another new Mercedes Benz soon.

  • FaithC

    I am glad there are people who can take care of these animals. My pets have always been rescue animals. I just could never work at a shelter. I could not deal with seeing these animals like that. I have respect and my hats off to those who can do it.
    I give as much money as I can. Wish I had more to give.

  • Yeah yeah

    Thankful for everything the shelter does giving these dogs a chance. Just recently adopted a puppy from them best dog I have ever had! Strongly believe these pets wouldn’t be this way without these individuals!

  • James Mills

    sad for sure. but now the added costs of these animals will prevent alot of them from being adopted out. at least though they were given the chance to be adopted.

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