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Food stamp backlog in Guilford Co. higher than reported, officials say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The food stamp backlog is higher than previously reported, according to officials.

With just five days left for the Department of Health and Human Services to clear the backlog, Secretary Aldona Wos says several counties are facing challenges, including Guilford.

DHHS was informed this morning that Guilford County may have a backlog that is more significant than they had previously reported. DHHS staff is currently in Guilford County assessing the situation and I will provide you with an update as I learn more information,” said Wos at an oversight committee meeting.

Wos says processing the paperwork isn’t the problem. It appears workers in Guilford County haven’t entered some applications into the NC FAST system at all. That means the numbers reported to the state may not be accurate.

DHHS records show the current backlog is down to 520 cases across the state. Officials are working to determine accurate backlog statistics for Guilford County.

Greg Bush with Guilford County DSS says they are aware of the backlog, and employees from other departments are working to process food stamp applications.

The state has until March 31 to clear the backlog, or federal funding will be pulled.


  • Van Crust

    To: Abled bodied free loader
    From: Overworked stressed out taxpayer

    Glad to know my hard work and mental anguish will provide you with free cupcakes and malt liquor this month.

    Your faithful servant,
    The American worker

    • nurse one

      I do agree Van, there are so many abusing the system. Sadly, with all our jobs going to China and Mexico, many cannot find work and they depend on this. We need to bring jobs back to the USA.

  • Bill

    I’m with learnthelaw. Somebody needs to pay for my groceries. Why should I have to pay them high prices?

    • Learnthelaw

      I’ll gladly pay for your groceries Bill. You’ll just need to go 30 days without saying anything rascist or homophobic. I’ll also need a blood sample, proof of insurance, last years taxes, and a list of all ancestors dating back to 1492. I’ll be at Harris Teeter holding my breath.

  • 420 Associate

    To Van Crust u can’t buy alcohol with food stamps dummy. What about the $ our country just sent to Ukraine. Where did that $ come from if we’re so broke

  • dollabillz

    Neat little trick u can do tho is sell them to sombody for cash money. That’s just wha I be hearin you no.

  • FaithC

    The entire food stamp system needs to be overhauled. If you test positive for illegal drugs…you loose your benefits. That should free up some for those who really need.
    I don’t mind the taxes I pay going to feed the truly needy. Nobody should go hungry.
    But if you are caught selling your food stamps for cash or you test positive for drugs…you get nothing.

  • Michelle

    So easy to assume that allthose who get assistance are freeloading. While it is true in some cases, there are those who really need it. Quite few are those who owed thousands of dollars in child support from sorry deadbeat parents. So keep your stupid comments to yourself. If you educate yourself you will learn that the majority of folks who get food benefits actually work and pay taxes too.

  • I actually work!

    Michelle Obama…is that you??? Ohhh…I forgot…you don’t work and don’t pay taxes! LIVING OFF THE GOV….What trip do you have planned for next month???

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