Family dog rescued from mudslide rubble in Washington

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WASHINGTON — A family in Washington is just one of many suffering from last weekend’s devastating mudslide.

The Kuntz family lost their home, a loved one and their neighbors.mudslide

The family came home from a baseball game to Darrington to find their muddy and mangled house 150 feet from its base.

Their aunt, Linda McPherson, lived next door and was killed in the slide.

The family had given up hope on finding their chocolate lab, Buddy, who was inside their home.

But then something improbable happened when they returned to the wreckage.

They heard Buddy whining and started to dig him out. Buddy was covered in dirt and had a few gashes, but he was alive.

“I just broke down crying, really happy that my dog was alright,” Quinton Kuntz said. “I’m just shocked how well he did against my whole house falling on him.”

After finding Buddy and losing their cat, the Kuntz family is now helping rescue other animals. They found their aunt Linda’s cat on Monday.

Source: KATU

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  • FaithC

    The entire thing is so sad. Glad they found their dog and their Aunt’s cat. Sorry they lost a loved one and friends.

  • dobydog1

    this is such a sad situation. glad the family was able to find their dog safe and their aunts cat. there are just so many loses in this area that every save is great.

  • Roger Tyson

    On the lighter side of pet ownership…

    “My Pet Vortex”:

    Having a rift in the space-time continuum is one thing…

    …but keeping it off the bed is REALLY hard!

  • KW

    If you look at google maps, you can locate where the slide was going to happen. In the image you can actually see how the land and trees were starting to pull away. The google image was taken before the slide. Could the loss of life have somehow been prevented?

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