Car slams into school bus in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A vehicle slammed into the back of a school bus and was wedged underneath it in High Point Wednesday morning.

The wreck happened in the 3300 block of Central Avenue.

Jennifer Lanes with Guilford County Schools says the bus serves Penn Griffin and 16 students were on board.

No injuries were reported for anyone in either vehicle.

The driver of the passenger car said he was blinded by the sun when he rear-ended the bus, according to officials.

The driver was charged with failure to reduce speed, driving with a suspended license and seat belt violation.


  • FaithC

    Glad nobody was hurt. If you are paying attention how do you not see a huge yellow bus in front of you?

  • RCC

    I admit that I’ve been blinded by the sun before. I could see this happening with a car or a truck, but a bus? The suspended license seals the deal on his guilt.

  • Frank Martin

    The sun can blind you completely and than it is too late, you will not see nothing in front of you. Problem is the driver should not have been out to start with, driving with suspended license, so maybe no car insurance either.

  • Richard Nance

    He will just receive a “Slap on the Wrist” & will be driving again with a suspending license in a couple of weeks by the worse Judicial System in the country, they would let a Mass Murderer go if they had the right lawyers coupled with the right judge because its all about the Money!!

  • RCC

    chucky992…actually he’s right. I’ve seen a registered s.e.x. offender let off the offender registry despite him having a history of violating the offender registry laws and having an outstanding charge for violating the offender laws at the time he was let off. Guess what. His brother is a lieutenant deputy sheriff. See how that works?

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