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3 new wineries coming to Surry Co.

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PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. - JoLo Winery and Vineyards is set to be one of the newest wineries in the Yadkin Valley.

"We thought the infrastructure was great here in Surry County, with the community college, all the wineries, the wine trail and the dedication N.C. has to this industry," said owner JW Ray of just some of the many reasons he and his wife chose the Yadkin Valley.

The couple left the corporate world a few years ago to turn a love for wine into a winery.

“[The Yadkin Valley] reminded both of us of Burgundy, France -- very rural, rustic, elegant and the farms," said Ray.

The winery, named for the couple’s two teenage children, Joey and Logan, is set to open April 5. Already they have several events planned including several weddings and opening night includes 400 confirmed guests.

In addition to wine, the couple will be serving fine dining with chefs from the Napa Valley at their in-house restaurant End Post.

"I think it's going to be one of the best dining establishments in the state," said Ray. "That's what we are going for."

The vineyard is producing hybrid varieties, which grow best in the region, and wine tastings will welcome everyone as they enter the tasting lodge.

"We are making great wine in North Carolina," said Ray. "I think it's only going to get better."

Adagio Vineyards in Elkin and Herrera Vineyards in Dobson are also expected to open this year.



  • Cripes_A_Mighty

    I’ve seen this train wreck before and give each of them less than a 30% chance of making it past 8 years. The supermarket shelves are stocked to the ceiling with wine from all over the country and while they will sell some wine at their winery, it will never be enough to pay the bills or repay any SBA loans they may have secured.

  • Frank

    I agree Cripes. The NC winery industry is saturated. It is the media’s darling – Fun and trendy to talk about. I wouldn’t dare consider investing a penny in the industry.

  • Cripes_A_Mighty

    Why can’t someone open a Krystal Burger joint in GSO so we can stuff our faces with some yummy burgers? Was none too impressed with 5 Guys Burgers and have since just made my own as they taste far better than anything I can buy around here.

  • Melinda

    Cripes and Frank,

    Do you have experience in the wine industry that makes you feel justified in such a broad statement? The individuals that open wineries are typically business men and women who have years of experience in working in difficult situations or are winemakers who have grown up in viticulture areas around the world and are willing to bring their expertise here to NC. While I agree that supermarket shelves are stocked heavily with wines from around the world, NC wines provide an opportunity for the consumer to experience boutique wines that can’t be found there. A lot of the purchase power of NC wines is about tourism and a chance to get away for the day from the typical routine. To run a successful winery here in NC it takes vision, a great business plan, and dedication. If these wineries have the patience it takes to make great wines then they will survive past your 8 year deadline.

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