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Woman fools everyone into thinking she was pregnant with quadruplets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada -- A woman convinced her boyfriend and even herself that she's pregnant.

And oddly enough, her body responded as if she actually was pregnant.

It was supposed to be a happy and exciting time for this couple, expecting not just their first baby but four.

Their pending arrival was big news in the small community of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, south of Montreal. Donations poured in to help the growing family, with friends, strangers and businesses showering them with gifts.

Genevieve LaFlamme, who has triplets, befriended the mother-to-be a couple of months ago.

"I gave her tips on where to get financial support, and places that can help with things like diapers," she said.

But on Tuesday, the couple went to the hospital, where doctors delivered devastating news.

They told the expectant father his girlfriend was never actually pregnant, duping not just him but an entire city.

"She walked like she was pregnant," LaFlamme said. "She seemed to have contractions. I never doubted it."

This woman was able to fool everyone, perhaps even herself. Doctors say if this is a phantom pregnancy, it's rare.

"There is a process whereby you can convince your body that you're pregnant," Obstetrician Dr. Haim Abenhaim said. "And you can see people having some distention, and you can also see some people starting to have lactation.

As the woman receives psychiatric care, her heartbroken boyfriend is returning all of the presents for the babies he couldn't wait to meet.

Source: CTV Network/CNN


  • melissafurches

    I have known someone who has had a phantom pregnancy. You can convince your body that you are pregnant. However, the person I knew never received pre-natal care. So she legitimately did not know she wasn’t pregnant. However, I can’t believe that a woman supposedly pregnant with quads would not receive pre-natal care. How did she know there were four? I can’t imagine anyone in her circle of friends/family would allow her to not receive pre-natal care. There is no way this is a phantom pregnancy. Not possible.

  • Hobbes

    The doctor didn’t know because under the Canadian system the first pre-natal appointment she could get was scheduled for 10 months later.

  • krista

    So, in her nine months of “pregnancy,” she didn’t have ONE doctor’s visit? I am pregnant and go every month. The last month you go every week! There are mandatory ultrasounds a fetal heartbeat Doppler involved in prenatal visits. I’m really shocked no one questioned her on any of this before now.

  • Jessica Matt Poff

    I am not buying this whatsoever. There is no way you can be so convinced in your mind that you are pregnant and your tummy grows like you are, you walk like you are, you have contractions that makes other’s believe you are and from the article people can even have lactation. This is bull. I think she was either pregnant and lost the baby/ies. There is more to this story.

    • j

      Look it up before you say its not possible. Its amazing how extreme mental illness can be and the body can indeed have psychosomatic reactions. Mind over matter….it can happen.It is sounds like she wanted children so bad she imagined a fantasy land where she was prego.Really all she would have to do is gain weight, waddle like a pregnant woman, and tighten her stomach muscles to pretend to have a contraction. I don’t see how hard that is to believe. …all are pretty easy to mimic if you wanted to take it that far.

  • Isaiah

    It’s call pseudo pregnancy, it comes with the same sign and symptoms except its not a real pregnancy

  • Heather

    It is very real people. Look it up before you try and say its not. My mom worked in obgyn for 14 years and seen5 cases of this!

  • wild man

    There is also something called a blighted ovum where your body is pregnant but there is no baby in the sac. Google it!

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