Food Lion gift cards distributed to those affected in power outage

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The High Point Faith Community will distributing Food Lion cards all day Thursday to those in need after last week's ice storm.

A limited number of cards will be handed, which started at 9 a.m.

Due to the generous donations of individuals, churches and businesses, funds have been raised to assist families who have lost perishable food in the recent power outage.

These cards are currently for those who do not have the means to replace those lost items.

A limited number of Food Lion gift cards will be available for City of High Point residents at the following ministries/agencies:

• Helping Hands-2301 S. Main St., High Point
• Macedonia Family Resource Center-401 Lake Ave., High Point
• New Beginnings Ministries-215 Fourth St., High Point
• Open Door Ministries -400 N. Centennial St., High Point
• The Salvation Army of High Point-301 W. Green Drive, High Point
• Ward Street Community Resources, 1619 W. Ward Ave., High Point
• West End Ministries, 903 W. English Rd., High Point

Gift cards will be distributed on a first come first serve basis and are limited in number.

In order to be eligible to receive a gift card the following will be required:

• Proof of High Point residency (a utility bill, lease, or something else that shows a High Point address)
• Identification (Driver’s License, Picture ID)
• An EBT card, Medicare card, or a Medicaid card.

Those that are seeking a gift card should go to the ministry/agency listed above where they normally go for assistance.

Each household will receive the same amount regardless of family size.


  • Moses

    so basically those on welfare who has EBT cards, food stamps already and everything else I give them because I work-these people get the freebies; what a terrible system; my wife and I lost most of our refrig stuff but not our freezer items; I guess I work and don’t qualify for the giveaway; one good thing: at least this is not another stupid govt handout; just a “not thought through” local private one

    • FaithC

      This may not be a hand out, but they will be able to get $50 emergency cards from EBT. Those you and I are paying for.

  • Carl

    So if you get EBT food stamps, meaning you had gotten the food that you lost due to power outages for FREE in the first place you qualify, but if you work your butt off to provide for yourself you do not qualify… this world makes no sence!

  • Michelle

    Absolutely ridiculous! We made a donation to this project thinking it would help those not already covered under another program. Beyond angry …..

    • sinnerfrank

      Well Michelle you should have asked if it was for the general public or not,as the other people said, I work !! Donate what I can but I ask questions, it is YOUR !! Money !!

  • FaithC

    If you get EBT and are in need of replacing the food, they have is called instant emergence help. You get a 50 card. So now they can get that and Food lion card.
    So all of us who lost food due to the power outages and work for a living are once again paying for those who don’t.

  • Jessica

    Look I dont live in high point but I do get foodstamps. I work for a living just like yall I just dont make enough to support my family. I dont appreciate yall acting like if we get foodstamps then you are just a lazy person. I work and pay my taxes too.

  • observer10

    It’s not just the foodstamps, it’s all the free products and services added together. A working person gets tired of seeing people get for free what they have to work hard for. And what do they always want? More,more,more, and they want it now.

  • sinnerfrank

    Be a lot of cards traded for dope,alcohol,good old cash,hate I am short of money !! At a quarter on the dollar that’s a sweet trade !!

  • Bill Jackson

    I would advise anyone dependent on the government to prepare your self. The freebies will not keep coming.
    Reform is on the way, and the longer you get the harder it will be for you.

  • JT

    Wow, just…wow. I have never seen a group of more hateful, spiteful, ignorant people than the ones who post here. Poor people with no power, and because they’re poor, they deserve to starve, according to what I see here. You people are, without a doubt, the absolute scum of the earth.

    • Learnthelaw

      It’s somewhat funny that most of the people complaining call themselves christians. When I donate my money I do it out of kindness. Do I think every dime of it will help someone? No. If it helps one person then my donation has done it’s job.

    • Crystal

      No, what they deserve is to go get a job like most everyone else has to and earn what they get. Now don’t get me wrong, if they are disabled or just momentarily down on luck then by all means help them. But those that make a living by living off the system then they shouldn’t be getting it!

  • Elaine

    Wow, they already get handouts, free food, how many times have I been out grocery shopping and someone still in pajamas shopping with a cart full of food, give the cards

  • darla monk

    This was for anyone……you people kill me with the shenanigans! Sinnerfrank…..I’m just about sick of your shit!

  • darla monk

    Sinnerfrank… on here more than anyone…….find something to do with your time besides criticize. This is for you to Faithc! Idiots!

  • Keep it Real

    Seems to me sinner frank targets only black stories…..hiding behind the internet… better be lucky!

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