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‘Listen Linda’ explains her argumentative 3-year-old; Mateo gets big surprise from Ellen

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The 3-year-old internet star that loves to argue over cupcakes met Ellen on Tuesday – and this time, there was no need to argue to get what we wanted.

Video of the 3-year-old arguing with his mother Linda over cupcakes has been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube.

Linda and 3-year-old Matthew Beltran, better known as Mateo, appeared on Ellen on Tuesday. During the interview, Linda explained her argumentative son and Mateo received a mountain of cupcakes from Ellen.

Linda said Mateo likes to debate with her. She also explained why he referred to her as Linda in the video.

“When he’s serious and he really wants to get his point across, then we become Linda and Kenneth,” Linda said.

Kenneth is Mateo’s father.

Ellen also surprised Linda and Mateo with a $10,000 check from Shutterfly.


  • Dawn Marie

    Rewarding disrespectful and obnoxious children on tv. Then we wonder why this country is the way it is.

  • Elizabeth Phipps

    Lmbo! This mom has an adorable relationship with her son. She doesn’t teach him to be seen and not heard for the sake of another’s comfort box. It was awesome that she got some extra financial help while her husband gets through college. I wish them well.

  • Sears Renee

    I thought that was the most adorable video I have ever seen. Especially when he calls her honey. Stay strong mom. love that little boy. He is so special and smart.

  • Norma

    Some of y’all are racist and idiotic! I appreciate everything Ellen does for EVERYBODY!!! Cute kid and someday he’ll be a lawyer and might have to represent a family member of your! Learn something idiots

  • dia

    At what point to people decide it’s time to stop saying “it’s ok, he’s cute” and realize you should give your kids boundaries, and respect? Is it after they boss/bully other kids, and the parents still think it’s cute?

  • An African America Voice

    I don’t think he is a brat, nor do any of you know him well enough to form the ugly opinions that have been stated here. I personally think he is adorable and seemed pretty well behaved on TV. Why are people such “haters” these days?

  • Mama to an adorable 3 year old

    I’m pretty sure she was setting boundaries and at no point in the video was he given a cupcake. In fact at the end she said something along the lines of “Don’t talk to me like that.” He reminds me so much of my own son. Kids have their own personalities that as parents you try to shape and mold in upstanding adults. You don’t completely change them into what you want them to be, you guide them. Kudos to you if yours are perfect and don’t talk back. I’ve been around a lot of kids and have only seen a couple that don’t at that age.

  • cassi

    Why are we rewarding this type of behavior? 10,000 dollars because her cute son was disrespectful and argumentative? Wow! I love you Ellen but what was the point of this? Yeah he’s cute but really? Poor parenting and arguing with authority was overlooked just because he’s a cutie. Not overlooked…reinforced! Not cool. Ijs

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