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Florida student receives 150 scholarship offers

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MIAMI -- A senior at a Florida high school has so many talents that he has received over 100 college scholarship offers.

Chad Thomas, 18, has received 150 scholarships for his skills on the football field, but also for his exceptional musical abilities. He plays a total of nine instruments.

Out of all 150 scholarships offered, Thomas has chosen to attend the University of Miami and will play football as a Hurricane.

He will also practice his musical talents at the University’s Frost School of Music.

Thomas said he doesn't know if he'd rather play for the NFL or have a successful career in music. But, he's leaning towards music.

Thomas helped lead his Booker T. Washington football team to back-to-back state championships and win a national title this season.

But his other passion has been music since the age of three while listening to his late grandmother’s gospel CDS.

By the time he was five, Thomas was performing.

“So if I make it to the NFL that would be a blessing for me,” said Thomas. “But I also have love for music and took it upon myself to learn and play the instruments I hear in the songs.”

For now, Thomas will focus on both music and football.

Source: CNN/WFOR


  • Tracey

    There was nothing improper about his English or grammar!! Jennie. Perhaps you are the one who needs a few lessons! Judging by some of your past posts, spelling lessons will prove to be useful as well.

    • anom

      How could you correct his grammar…I couldnt understand him….
      And how “hard” is it to get a football scholarship and music. Notice it wasnt for grades in anything else. Hope he isnt like the ones at UNC with a 3-8 grade level of reading!!!!!

      • SAL

        anom, his level of education at this point in his life is exponentially higher than yours. If you would listen to interviews on the net, other than this one, you would know he would rather play instruments than play football. He was asked on another interview what would he pick if he had to choose one. Most people take a lifetime to master just one instrument let alone nine. Believe it or not, most athletes have good grades in college and study and work hard. Just because a few have been caught cheating, don’t throw a blanket over every college athlete! You probably have NO educational ability and have NO athletic ability either, so shut your mouth and feel good that someone is using his talents to better himself.

  • Jade

    Some people are just evil. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. God Bless you Chad, go get your blessing. u

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