Wife stabs husband in chest, claims he was ‘worshipping the NASCAR race’

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Stephanie Hamman

TENNESSEE — A Tennessee woman was arrested after police say she crashed her car into a church and then stabbed her husband in the chest because she thought he was “worshiping the NASCAR race.”

According to WJHL, Steven Hamman told Church Hill police that his wife Stephanie Hamman drove her car through the front doors of a Tennessee church on Sunday.

When he went to check on her, he said she stabbed him with a large kitchen knife and said “the devil is in me.”

It was reported that he pulled the knife from his chest, returned to his apartment across the street to wait for police.

Stephanie Hamman was later arrested by police and charged with attempted first-degree murder and felony vandalism.

Hamman said she had decided to live for God, and that God told her she should not smoke marijuana all day and night; but she only needed to smoke pot to relax at night, according to WJHL.

Hamman also said she was mad because her husband was “worshipping the NASCAR race at Bristol.”

Hamman told police God wanted her in church, so that is why she drove into the building. She said it was the devil who told her to bring the knife.

Steven Hamman was reported to be in fair condition on Monday, according to reports.

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