Car crashes under tractor-trailer, additional wrecks reported on highways

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Emergency crews were busy all day Tuesday responding to wrecks on Interstate 85 and nearby highways.

One serious wreck on I-85 near Mount Hope Church Road backed up traffic for miles this morning.

Master Trooper Chris Knox with N.C. Highway Patrol said a driver from Virginia lost control on the ice and ended up underneath a tractor trailer on the highway.

He said it could have been a fatal accident, but thankfully the man seemed to be okay when an ambulance took him to the hospital from the scene.

Ken Shoffner went on what he called "a roller coaster scary ride" after losing control of his truck on an icy bridge on I-73 over I-85.

"When I hit that bridge my truck just went its own direction. It spinned around in a circle, next thing I know I hit the edge and came down. And here I am on this side!" he described.

Shoffner said tow trucks were only responding to police emergencies, like a 40-car pileup near Groometown Road. So he waited two hours in his truck for his wife to safely pick him up.

"I had gas, I had heat, I had a TV in there so I was watching TV. I was okay," he added.

He's sick and tired of snow and ice. "I guess the old groundhog was right wasn’t he?" Shoffner laughed.


  • Gregory Smith

    I was operating one of the tractor trailers involved in yesterdays ice storm. Please everyone slow down to a low enough speed and increase your following distance to at least 3 times we normally do. The risk is far greater than the reward of getting to our destinatios quicker. Thanfully there were no serious injuries in my situation but it should never happen when people operate their vehicle safely and resposibly

  • stinger90

    Idiot is lucky to be alive. North Carolina drivers are becoming more like the drivers in ATL.

    Can’t understand why drivers feel the need to speed in these conditions, SLOW IT DOWN!

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