Caught on tape: Time Warner Cable van overturns on icy road

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WENDELL, N.C. — A Time Warner Cable van overturned on an icy road near Raleigh on Tuesday.

The accident happened on Wendell Falls Parkway in Wendell.

The driver was not injured.


  • Samantha

    Praide the Lord the technician was not hurt. To everyone else who posted such compassionate remarks, these guys and girls are people too.

  • Jeff

    Disrespectful a$$’people get a life, what if that was you or your family member. He’s working in a nice storm so that you can watch tv and use the internet, show a little respect. But then it takes having class to be able to show it.

  • Roadrunner

    Maybe Jeff is from TWC, if Time Warner had any compassion they would not have had the guy out in the (n)ice storm to begin with. Shows TWC prefers money over anything…

  • sinnerfrank

    I guess the rates will go up for the cost of a new van !! Glad to hear the guy wasn’t hurt the people should be glad he was on the job !!

  • rob

    I will admit that I work for comcast and they always jave us working in inclement weather. However, the only reason we are at work is because people still call in and book the appointment then when I arrive they act surprised that we are even working. Maybe if people would not demand service in such weather we could go home.

  • sissty

    Wow, what is wrong with you people. You want you cable & internet, 24/7 but then you want to make fun of the employees and company. Yes you pay for the service, but you sure complain when you don’t have… This men & woman should be at home just like you in bad weather and late at night…but NO we much have our CABLE!!! So you should all be ashamed of yourself.. Such spoiled public!!!!!

    • David

      As a fellow field tech, i greatly appreciate this comment. So much truth, I’m out 6 days a week 15-16 hour shifts regardless of weather i work. Wish more people had this view, that you posted.

  • Stan

    Call TWC customer service and stay on hold for 45 minutes and tell them how grateful you are. Interesting how most that are replying here can’t see the humor in the posts. How unfortunate, we don’t have cable 24/7 it’s always going out on something.

  • Just Sayin

    Herman, Jay, Speed & Roadrunner(obviously you use our services) & whoever else left a negative comment. Technicians have nothing to do with when your bill is due, remember that! Also, just like any other company TWC tries to make the best decisions on working during inclement weather just like School districts do, sometimes its not the best decision. However, techs always do the best to make there jobs during the time, and if not you are somehow compensated on your bill if they do not. Time Warner Techs 90% of the time are out there working on jobs repairing or restoring services which is at no cost to the customer, better to know before you speak. You obviously were not raised properly or you would think before you post such negative comments or not post them at all. If you happen to experience this in the future you might think twice about leaving such a negative comment.

  • ms twc

    Yes, I did see the humor in some of the post, haha(Stan) I also know the other side, the one that you the consumer don’t. No not an employee, but a wife of one. I know the time they put in.. and yes they should be thank!!!

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