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Mills Home needing donations to help with damage, lost food after ice storm

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Leaders at a children’s home in Davidson County are asking for donations to help replace food and repair damage after the recent ice storm.

“It looked like a warzone when the ice storm hit,” said Blake Ragsdale, director of communications for Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina. “You had limbs that were falling, ice that was helping to uproot the trees.”

Mills Home in Thomasville is largest facility operated by Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina. It has been a safe haven for children and families in crisis situations for more than 100 years.

Sam Barefoot, senior vice president of the non-profit, worked through the weekend assessing the damage and beginning repairs.

“I felt the burden of wanting to get life back for the children the way it was normally,” said Barefoot.

The power was out at Mills Home for four days. As a result, tens of thousands of dollars of food went bad in the facility’s two walk-in freezers and dozens of refrigerators.

Brandi Sarver, a childcare worker, had just restocked one of the refrigerators days before the power went out.

“I had lots of groceries in there. My freezer was almost full. We had to clean out and throw it all away,” said Sarver.

Mills Home officials say volunteers from across the state have already started clearing tree limbs. However, donating money would help restock the food for dozens of children in need.

“When they see people step forward, people they don't even know who want to do something special to help them out, that means something to them,” said Ragsdale.

For now, Ragsdale says gift cards to grocery stores are more helpful than food donations.

In addition, monetary donations can be made through the organization’s web site


  • SAL

    Here’s some advice, buy a figgin’ generator. For an organization that has to store (two walk-in’s) of food you would think that they would have a plan in place so those $1000’s of food wouldn’t go to waste.

    • LC

      First of all, what’s a “figgin?” Secondly, didn’t your mother ever teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? They didn’t ask for advice, yours or anyone else’s. They asked for help for the children!

      • targetsacquired

        Sadly, SAL had the best advice. Now they are asking for help, when in fact, an org as large as this didnt plan in advance.
        Lack of planning on their part, does not constitute an emergency on mine, or anyone elses.
        BCH-NC wont let Mills go without…If you check out their Form 990, I think 17 million is enough to go around…dont you? Not bad for a non profit eh?

      • SAL

        Yes my mother taught me that, and I always thought it was a load of poo. Just because YOU don’t agree with what I said, doesn’t mean it’s not TRUE! An organization with that much food to loose should have had enough common sense to have a back-up generator. Most ordinary people have one or at least had a plan in place to keep their food safe and frozen.

  • CIAA Alum

    The simple answer is a generator, however, in the absence of such, common sense should have won out. When my power threatened to go out, I emptied one of my largest plastic totes. I packed my perishables into the tote, then I went outside, filled the tote with ice, and placed it in the back of my car. Easy peezy, no food loss.

  • Judy Blair

    I wonder how many of us actually have a generator or can predict the weather to the degree that we can forecast a loss of power for four or five days. Why anyone believes it is their mission to demean an organization which provides a home for children is beyond me! I feel very sad for those folks, but in the mean time, rather than criticize choices made by other people, I and my friends are raising funds to help! I can only hope and pray others would help me and you when in need! It must be horrible to be so miserable in life – so a little prayer for the folks who choose to find fault elsewhere rather than finding a way to make a positive difference! Amen

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