81-year-old woman dies while burning leaves in Davidson Co.

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286 Astran Drive, Denton

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — The burnt body of an 81-year-old woman was found inside her home in Denton Friday.

Deputies responded to the woman’s home at 286 Astran Drive where they found the burnt body of Jeannette Mack Schneider.

Officials say the woman had been outside burning leaves when it got out of control and her clothes caught on fire.

It appeared the victim ran inside to try and put out the fire, but she died from her injuries.


  • Trina Edwards

    Jeanette was not burning leaves She was burning a pompas grass bush
    She was told not to do that by herself > But she always wanted to do for herself >> & She was a great woman of God & had a Great testimony >

  • Tberryjack

    It a shame that when an old person wants something done others don’t find it as important to help them as they should. It keeps getting put off because family members that promise to help don’t give them as much of their time as they should. It may’ve not be that important to others but it must have been important to the poor 81 yo woman. I’m glad she had such a good testimonys

    • Scarfoot

      If what Trina said above is true, Jeanette (the woman in question) was advised not to do it by herself. This indicates others were willing to do it for her. I agree with you that we who are older do not always get treated with the thought that what we want done is so important. However, don’t sell us short. We are still independent human beings and the majority of us who are less than 90 are able to care for ourselves quite well. Many of us like our independence and will fight to keep it. I know you are trying to be a decent person and you obviously care, but don’t take our independence away.

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