Sports reporter runs, eats pavement during live report

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LAS VEGAS — Paul Cicala, a sports reporter and anchor at KVOA News 4 in Tucson, Arizona, fell hard while attempting to run during a live television report on Friday.

Cicala was in Las Vegas covering the Arizona Wildcats game against the Colorado Buffaloes at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. At the end of his live shot, he said he needed to hurry to make sure he didn’t miss tip-off.

“The game tips off in about three minutes and I have to speedwalk… to make sure I cover all the highlights,” Cicala said. “I’m going to sign off now because I want to get there by the time everything tips off.”

But Cicala didn’t speedwalk. Instead, he handed the microphone to his cameraman and took off sprinting across the road. He made it about 20 yards before tripping and falling on the concrete.

Cicala had a good sense of humor about the fall, tweeting the news blooper was “good for some laughs.”