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Dozens of weapons collected at gun buyback program

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Dozens of guns are off the streets after the Winston-Salem Police Department hosted a gun buyback program on Saturday.

Officers said the response of the program was overwhelming. It was Winston-Salem’s first event of its kind in several years.

Police said they saw people turn in various types of weapons including pistols, shotguns, rifles and some assault weapons.

The idea of the program is to give people an incentive to turn in their guns before they have the chance to fall into the wrong hands.

The city’s next gun buyback program is planned for April 12 at Waughtown Baptist Church at 1538 Waughtown St.


    • EricX

      Most of these guns were either stolen or used in crimes. All these idiots did was give amnesty to criminals!
      “Incentive”??? Yea, give the crooks MORE incentive to steal more guns!
      What an asinine and idiot program!

      • Brittius

        Outstanding points, Eric. That is very true, as most of them will be like a dog returning to their own vomit. They will re-arm, and they will have a “dump” or “toss”, that will give them money. No questions asked, and murder weapons get cleaned and if asked, somebody they don’t know sold them the gun. Meanwhile, a murderer walks out of the stationhouse, free and clear, the cops destroy the evidence.

      • ericx777

        Exactly! Why throw that stolen gun or murder weapon in a lake or river when the idiot politicians will give you $100 WalMart cards? Double incentive!
        Wonder if the organizers if this idiocy will be charged with “receiving stolen property” or “willful destruction of stolen property” like us sheeple would?

  • thegreatspirit13

    In Denmark guns are banned, they have a very low crime rate. If you live in Denmark and you have a gun, it’s automatically 25 years in prison, but Denmark is a nice place to live, they don’t have a reason to commit crimes. No guns Can work, but it’s also dependent on the civility of the people who live there.

    • FaithC

      The low crime rate may be due to the fact that when you do commit a crime you get more than a slap on the wrist. As long as the punishment in this country is next to nothing, criminals will continue to commit crimes.

    • ericx777

      Well, I’m sure in your homogenous socialist society that might work. Also, here, we have the RIGHT to be armed and defend ourselves… might explain why Denmark didn’t have to liberate America 2x last century!
      Butt out of our politics pal!

    • Brittius

      So when are you leaving? Are your bags packed? Bill of Rights is not a Bill of Privileges. Responsibilities and Maturity must be learned and there I have no qualm. I learned to shoot at age 12. Then in high school on the Rifle Team. On Parris Island (USMC) that is where the serious training took place and I was 17 years old. Age 18 in Vietnam as a machine gunner in an infantry company. I am a retired cop. Only two permit holders, out of all the guns I ever came in contact with, were arrested. One threatened to shoot cops, the other threaten me, personally to scare me responding to his 911 call. Hammers in skulls are fairly common along with screwdrivers in the heart. Behavioral issues, and not, the guns. You know something, in the Marines, sergeants have a real surefire way of curing horseplay with guns or other stupid behaviors. Think about it. Maybe America needs a military draft?

    • Thomas

      Greatspirit, guns are prohibited in China, but that didn’t stop Islamic separatists from using knives to butcher 33 innocent civilians to death in the latest incident of Islamic Jihad. Gun control is extremely tight in England, but that didn’t stop two African Islamic immigrants from beheading a British soldier in broad daylight in the center of London while unarmed bystanders stood by, unable to help the defenseless victim (and it took British law enforcement some 30 minutes to respond to the massacre). More people in America are killed by knives, clubs, and other non-gun weapons than are killed by firearms, so are we going to ban those items too? Sorry, your utopian dreams of socialism and gun bans are cute and fuzzy, but very unattainable in the REAL WORLD where criminals will use any means at their disposal to commit their crimes, even guns when they are “banned” in the US. Drugs for the most part are illegal to possess in this nation, and we see what kind of job authorities have done in the last fifty years in keeping those off the streets, so the idea of taking guns away from the majority who follow the law, and leaving them defenseless like Lee Rigby, because of the minority of the population that chooses to break the law (who will be armed, regardless) clearly defies logic.

    • JT

      Regarding your last sentence, greatspirit, you need but read the comments here to know that civility is not held in high regard in this area. The idiots in this area are still scared of communism and their neighbors. Still can’t see how being armed and paranoid makes for a better society…

      • EricX

        First, we DO believe in civility which is why we debate through words rather than take idiot liberals out and hang them from trees!
        Liberals and stupidity like these gun control schemes infringe and try to take away what is our Constitutional RIGHT! When you threaten RIGHTS, expect a fight, ok? Or do you not see the logic in this?
        We’re not scared of communism… we know what it does and will never tolerate it here…PERIOD! If you love communism so much, please feel free to move to Cuba or North Korea… better yet, exchange your Marx-loving ass for someone who wants to be free and let their government make the decision since they make all other decisions in their lives.
        Armed = DETERMENT If you can’t see that I have a dozen studies using actual facts (unlike your pro-gun control side) showing this to be fact.
        Now why don’t you enlighten us as to how blind amnesty for weapons used in crimes and stolen property make us safer? Please, you seem to know so much more about the way the world works than the rest of us “yokels” so please explain your logic and feel free to use facts to back that.
        Otherwise, move to Cuba and enjoy your violent oppressive regime, please!

  • FaithC

    I wonder how many felons turned in their guns? Or was it mostly a bunch of old rifles and shotguns sitting in the back of someone’s closet for 30 years.
    Why does law enforcement and the government want to get guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens so badly?

    • ericx777

      Most likely they were stolen or used in crimes. How convenient the idiots give the criminals “incentives” for disposing of their illegal weapons.
      Bet NC doesn’t run any forensic tests on these or run the numbers before destroying them. Sad that a key piece of evidence or someone’s stolen property will be destroyed by these gun-hating hoplophobe idiots.

  • Thomas

    With this latest example of liberal lunacy, this is just another reason why I decided to leave Winston-Salem in recent months before the usual suspects in the Section 8 housing next to my former townhome community choose to break into my home, clean out my small collection of protective firearms, and cash it with the city of W-S for free money. With an unacceptable number of home invasions and robberies in Winston-Salem (even armed robberies of nursing home in the middle of the night in the last year), regardless of what “official police statistics may cite”, we can expect that urban problem to get even worse if these ridiculous gun-buyback programs are allowed to continue.

  • felix

    Really Winston, stupid idea. Give the peeps a chance to legally get rid of weapons they might have used in crimes. Good job! More money for drugs, and they’ll be back to trying to steal guns from the law abiding. Y’all are getting like NY

  • JT

    Seems you are missing one or two HUGE points in your argument, EricX–but being a self-described conservative, I’ve come to expect that from you people. First, your rights are not being infringed upon. This is totally voluntary, so if you luvs yer gunz as much as you duz, don’t take them. Further, the examples you give (Cuba, North Korea) are totalitarian dictatorships–a LONG way from socialism. A better analogy is Holland, Germany, Denmark, etc. where the economies are strong (Germany being one of the strongest in the world). Further, you could use some help from spell check–the word is Detriment, not determent. Have you actually read Marx? I doubt it, judging from your FauxNews-informed interpretation. As for civility, you inability to compose a post that isn’t rife with misspellings and vitriolic rhetoric further proves my point–you are hardly civilized, as evidenced by your language and your insistence that this is somehow like the wild west and you must carry a weapon wherever you go. Again, ignorant, armed and paranoid is no way to go through life.

  • GC

    So they’re paying 75-150 dollars for guns, some of which are worth 4-5 times that much, maybe even more. Rather than destroying these, why don’t they resell them to collectors and shooters, such as myself, and make a little money for the police department. This buyback will do nothing to reduce crime, so they might as well make a little money in the process to help fight crime with.

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