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Dog honks horn after owner takes too long

Boxer honks horn

A dog climbs into the driver’s seat and honks the horn for 15 minutes after its owner was taking too long.

Fern, an 18-month-old boxer, was apparently left in the car while the owner was at an art gallery.

YouTube description:

“This is the hilarious moment a dog sounded a car horn for 15 minutes after its owner spent too long in an art gallery.

Fern, an 18-month-old boxer, was filmed leaning back in the driver seat with her left paw resting on the steering wheel and repeatedly pressing the horn on Saturday afternoon.

The animal had been left inside the car while her owner to finish browsing an art gallery in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee in Scotland.

Since being posted online yesterday, the footage of the impatient but ‘attention-loving’ boxer has been viewed more than 8,000 times.”

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