College student shares spring break nightmare of kidnapping, rape

MICHIGAN — A college student at Michigan State University had planned on going on a typical spring break — but instead encountered a horrifying experience.

The student, who will remain anonymous, is now sharing with others to warn about the dangers of thinking you’re invincible.

According to WJBK, the girls was with her friends at a club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when they got separated going back to the hotel.

The girl says she couldn’t find her friends so she attempted to hail a cab herself.

She was alone for less than a minute when she remembers a local man approached her and offered to hail her a cab.

She got in the cab — and so did the man.

She pleaded to be taken back to her hotel but instead the cab driver, who was apparently in cahoots with the man, drove her to a field. She says she remembers them talking in Spanish about killing her.

At the field, she tried to run but they grabbed her and sexually assaulted her.

Eventually, another car pulled up and the two attackers took off. She was able to run to a nearby hotel for help.

She was taken to the hospital for tests and treatment, but her emotional scars are still there.

“You hear these stories but you never think it’s going to be you, and it happened to me in 10 minutes. And it was easy for them, and if they did it to me they could do it to anyone else. And so I really want people to be aware that, really, don’t be alone.”

Source: WJBK


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