Law enforcement warn seniors about ‘Grandparent Scams’

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- At the Lexington Senior Center in Davidson County, seniors say dealing with scammers is a war on all fronts.

“They said ma'am, will you give me your bank card number?” said Brenda Hill.

“You get them knocking on your door too, so you got to be careful when you open up your door,” said Mary Garbutt, a volunteer at the shelter.

Officials say scammers contact people on the phone, online, and by mail. However, County Commissioner Fred McClure says they all have something in common.

McClure said they want people to give them their personal information.

McClure leads fraud and scam seminars to warm seniors about “Grandparent Scams.” He says there is a simple reason seniors tend to be targets of these schemes.

“Seniors come from an age where people were trustworthy,” said McClure.

Law enforcement officials say a good rule of thumb is if an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is.


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