Toddler argues with mother over cupcakes; ‘Listen, listen, listen, Linda!’


This persuasive 3-year-old has quite the compelling argument with his mother. The topic? Cupcakes.

He continues with several valid points on why should be allowed to eat cupcakes for dinner. His mother, Linda Beltran, taped the entire debate.

Would you let him win?

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  • Rebekah

    As a teacher I do not find this “cute” OR “sweet” in the least bit. This is a prime example of why students are disrespectful and question authoritative
    figures. Why do something?… BECAUSE I SAID SO. I’m the adult and you, my friend are the child. END OF STORY.

  • Libre Muestra

    My son, who is now 12, possesses similar “abilities”, speaking/arguing in full sentences since age one. Our situation is now a nightmare. Good luck. I would suggest “Total Transformation” – our last and only hope. We are exhausted, and nearly out of hope. Wish us luck, too. Our advice: STOP TALKING. You can’t negotiate with selfishness.

  • Jennifer

    Why do people feel it necessary to judge everything. This video is adorable and we are all witnessing the birth of a great future lawyer lol. Why don’t you stop analyzing and just enjoy it!! And stop being so judgemental while you’re at it!

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